Trademark sign

  coolkid2 17:25 25 Aug 2006

I know this is a dim question but how do you get the trademark sign to show on your nickname?

  ACOLYTE 17:27 25 Aug 2006

click here

Tells you all TM is ALT+0153


  VoG II 17:27 25 Aug 2006

Cut and paste it from mine ... if you dare!

  Graham. 17:34 25 Aug 2006

All Progs., Accessories, System Tools, Character Map.

  X™ 17:45 25 Aug 2006

•Hold Alt and type in 0153. You need to type 0153on the Numeric Keyboard, and make sure you turn numlock on! Or like VoG™ said, just copy and paste!

  X™ 17:47 25 Aug 2006

§ You can get all of the codes from here: click here ¥

  Forum Editor 19:54 25 Aug 2006

It's illegal to claim a trademark unless you have registered it, and registering one is far from easy - it also costs a fair amount of money.

Some people have registered usernames that are actually registered to commercial concerns, and although that's OK in that context, it would be illegal to add the TM claim to it. Companies are very touchy about misuse of trademarks, and we'll delete any username that infringes a known one.

  rdave13 20:00 25 Aug 2006

How much did it cost you to register....;))

  VoG II 20:07 25 Aug 2006

That's between me and the FE.

My recollection of getting a ™ some 20 or so years ago for a product is that you have to have evidence of trading in the commodity before you can get a ™. Our commercial people sorted it out - I was just the 'boffin'.

  rdave13 20:16 25 Aug 2006

Thanks for that VoG™, seems that there is more to using logos than meets the eye.

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