Tracking on PCA Forum

  Old Shep 18:30 15 May 2004

I do not know if I am getting paranoid but depending on the web page I open the adverts at the top of the forum web page change to the subject I am looking at. Is it me or are we being tracked as obviously this site needs sponsors to pay for it. The reason I ask is because we all download software to delete tracking cookies but we seem to have one in our mist.

  Fruit Bat 18:38 15 May 2004

Not sure about that but everytime I read a thread and change back to the forum my popupstopper kill a dozen popups

  spuds 18:38 15 May 2004

You are being tracked (;o))

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:39 15 May 2004

End of the world.


  Wes Tam ;-) 18:56 15 May 2004

Can't trust anyone nowadays ;o)

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  woodchip 19:04 15 May 2004

Not me I never get a one, adverts that is no where on the Web and all that stop’s them is Netscape 7.01 with it disabled in Prefs

  Dumble452 21:42 15 May 2004

Doubleclick is definitely on here!

  Pesala 21:45 15 May 2004

You're not using Opera by any chance are you? If you select the Google Ads in Opera, the sponsored ad-banner will display ads relevant to the pages that you visit. In Preferences, Advertising, you can change the options. Personally, I much prefer the Google ads, as I'd much rather see ads for meditation cushions and incense, than for dating agencies or viagra.

The FBI will now be tracking internet activity but you won't even notice. Demonstration of how it works: click here

  stalion 21:48 15 May 2004

for F.E.input

  GaT7 22:01 15 May 2004

Old Shep - sorry I don't know what you mean as I don't get any adverts at the top of the forum webpage. I use IE & Avant - there are no adverts, except when I hover my mouse over the underlined terms in the thread. Do you reckon I've somehow blocked them somewhere?

  woodchip 22:05 15 May 2004

Don't worry about it you cannot do anything, other than cut your throat, they cannot track that

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