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  Andsome 07:58 01 May 2012

I rarely visit here now because of all the tracking that goes on from here. I decided to give it a go again because I now have software that prevents this tracking and lets me know what is trying. On this page alone there are 1 social button, 1 ad network and 7 companies attempting to track me. I suggest installing this program to prevent all this unnecessary tracking on your computers.

  Andsome 08:10 01 May 2012

I have just logged in again. The number of tracking buttons on the log in page has increased to 3 social buttons, 4 ad networks, and 8 companies. I can appreciate that ads may be necessary to fund the forum, but to allow all this tracking makes no sense at all. One of the tracking attempts is face book. This site is well known for downloading viruses and malware onto computers. Two viruses came down on this computer when I allowed mu granddaughter to access it.

  birdface 08:25 01 May 2012
  Andsome 09:21 01 May 2012

Exactly the same program, just a slightly different link. There are fifteen tracking attempts on this page at present. To date 9776 attempts have been blocked on my computer.

Why on earth does a site which claims to be a PC Advisor site permit this, especially face book?

  Matt Egan 09:23 01 May 2012

Okay, let's take these comments in order of seriousness: "This site is well known for downloading viruses and malware onto computers." We utterly refute this, and I challenge you to provide evidence that this is the case, or withdraw such a serious allegation.

As to your other comments: I really don't feel there is anything to fear from social buttons being on websites. You have to click them in order to facilitate any interaction with accounts into which you are signed, and even then you have to give permissions via the social site concerned. That third-party software considers social buttons as bad things, doesn't mean they are.

As to ad-tracking, I'm afraid that is a fact of life on any commercially funded website. There are virtually no online ad campaigns these days that don't require some form of tracking. It's worth pointing out that such retargetting of adverts is not aimed at you personally - none of your data is held against the tracking information. It's simply that adverts are targeted at your browser on the basis of sites visited by someone using that browser. You are, of course, perfectly entitled to block such tracking, on which I would make two points.

  1. Everything we do is totally legitimate and legal. Ad tracking is not malware.

  2. This site continues to exist only because of the support of our advertisers. If everyone blocked ads there'd be no more site.


  Andsome 09:27 01 May 2012

Maybe I did not phrase it correctly, I meant the face book site as downloading malware NOT this one. Sorry if there has been a misunderstanding.,or.rgc.rpw.rqf.,cf.osb&fp=af6dafbf05126717&biw=1280&bih=839

  morddwyd 10:15 01 May 2012

But surely if you don't don't click on the link the site can't download anything?

I've been using most of the forums on this site for years without any malware problems.

I didn't even know about the facebook link until this thread, when I looked for it and found it right at the bottom, well out of the way.

  birdface 10:18 01 May 2012


[ This site is well known for downloading viruses and malware onto computers.]

Having read it I new you were talking about Facebook but can understand why it could have been misunderstood.

[Maybe I did not phrase it correctly] Works for me.Obviously you meant Facebook but it could have been taken for the PCA site.

  sunnystaines 10:19 01 May 2012

all this tracking items may be harmless, but I wondered has the PCA tested the load times with and without then to eliminate them from the slow loading of the web page.

The reason I ask is another site has just added all these social networking icons/links and their web site too has slowed down similar to PCA.

Just a hunch would be keen to hear the feedback as I may well be wrong.

  birdface 10:29 01 May 2012


[But surely if you don't don't click on the link the site can't download anything?]

Not sure that's how it works.I have never had Facebook on this computer and never will.

I use Firefox and when using this site and changing pages I always get a list of things on the left hand side of the Taskbar.All it says is Waiting for. Facebook may be one of them but there are others it will give a list as it goes through the process.

I assume it is all things needed for PCA to run properly or it could be things that Andsome has mentioned.I don't know.

  birdface 10:35 01 May 2012


Would tend to agree with you it does seem to slow PCA down a bit.

When I posted last, it gave a list of things it was waiting for,Must have been at least 8 things, noticed Twitter in amongst them.Something else that I don't use.

Got to be quick as soon as you post it gives you the list of what it is waiting for.

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