track flight from uk to usa

  chrisjohn 14:49 25 Nov 2007

i want to track this flight all the way and if possible see it on a map ,tried google but cant track it till it enters us airspace,does anyone know how to do this thanx.

  tullie 15:07 25 Nov 2007

What flight?And why?

  chrisjohn 15:16 25 Nov 2007

cos im bored and the mrs as gone florida

  chrisjohn 15:16 25 Nov 2007


  Diemmess 15:25 25 Nov 2007

Virtually all aircraft on major commercial routes will show on at least one ATC screen somewhere if only for safety reasons.

Without sounding paranoid, I hope that outside air traffic control, the fewer that have access to this data the better.

Much better if a list of those with a need to know, is short as possible and data simply not available elsewhere in real time.

chrisjohn you'll have to make do with the Arrivals boards

  FungusBoggieman 15:26 25 Nov 2007

cor blimey guv
I could be thinking of a lot better thinks to do if my missis had gone of to florida
hic hic hic :@}

  sunny staines 15:37 25 Nov 2007

an airband radio with digital keys you can track it from take off to shannon atc then the signals get weak as it crosses the atlantic where i think it comes under gander atc.

a lot of flights fly across to canada then follow the east coast of usa down to florida instead of a direct line acoss the atlantic.

when i went to florida and saw newfoundland out the window i thought i was on the wrong flight and had to check with the stewardess.

  roy 15:47 25 Nov 2007

Have a look here. Click on the small map to enlarge it.

click here

  EARLR 16:15 25 Nov 2007

Try flytetracker
I am surprised that this info is so easily to come by.
good luck

  octal 16:47 25 Nov 2007

The flight paths are based on the Great Circle route which is the shortest distance between two points on the earth. If you are flying to Florida then then you can indeed fly very close to the east coast US.

Try this site, enter LGW for Gatwick and MCO for Orlando International.

click here

Don't get confused reading Mercator maps because they are not correct.

  chrisjohn 17:51 25 Nov 2007

found this which is good but cant get the google 3d thing to work any help on thisclick here

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