tracing spammers etc???possible??

  end 15:11 26 Jun 2004

according to this thread
click here

ones ISP CAN remain static;

logic says then that , if a spammer sends an e mail or "nasty" to you, you CAN trace the culprit and " have them dealt with appropriately"....yea or nay......??????

judging by some of the agro in some of the threads running , a way of dealing with the offenders is needed..........

  johnnyrocker 16:01 26 Jun 2004

if there is a static isp involved then one mails [email protected] and they will take action.


  end 16:07 26 Jun 2004

but how DO you find out if it IS a static one?????? WITHOUT getting yourself/machine " infected" by whatever is crawling around????? isnt THAT the "hitch"??? keeping "infection " OUT.........

  Forum Editor 16:12 26 Jun 2004

some of the time, but not every time.

If I wanted to spam a million computers I could do it without anyone knowing where the messages came from - some of them might even appear to come from your computer for instance. Once I get a Trojan on your computer I could easily send loads of emails to people and make look as if they came from you, it happens all the time.

The way for individual computer users to deal with spam is not to worry about where it came from, but to make strenuous efforts not to let it get in. Use your ISP's spam filtering service for a start - that will eliminate lots of it. Avoid visiting porn or warez sites as well - that will eliminate some more, and will also help to keep you safe from Trojans and dialers. If you have a personal website don't put a hyperlink version of your email address on it. Create the address as a graphic instead, so spambots can't harvest your address. Don't subscribe to any of those "pay us $10 and we'll submit your site to 100 search engines" offers. They will certainly submit your site, but they'll submit your email address to spam lists as well, and you'll be swamped with offers of Viagra and potions that can make parts of you the envy of every man alive.

  Forum Editor 16:17 26 Jun 2004

is going to work from a static IP address - that would be foolish in the extreme.

Your IP isn't static - it's issued dynamically each time you connect via your ISP's servers, and that applies just the same when you have a broadband connection. If you want to operate from a static IP address (and you would have no reason to do this if you are a home user) you will usually have to satisfy your ISP that you have a good reason for doing so - if you were running a web server for instance. ISP's are issued with batches if IP numbers, and they must assign them sparingly - there's a limit to the available numbers.

  johnnyrocker 16:23 26 Jun 2004

right click the message and look for source and mail the isp


  GANDALF <|:-)> 16:28 26 Jun 2004

If you do manage to 'trace' them what would you be able to do? Bringing a civil action against them in the UK would cost you a fortune, in foreign countries it would be nigh impossible. IF you did get them to court you would have to prove criminal intent, this is extremely difficult/costly and if they were being sent from a country that has different laws to ours you would have no chance whatsoever.


  VoG II 16:56 26 Jun 2004

I find the easiest way is to use Mailwasher click here

You then "see" the mail headers sitting on the mail server and you can delete (do not "bounce") obvious spam and add them to a blocked senders list so that in future they are deleted automatically.

Since installing Mailwasher and using it for a while I no longer get spam - well, not very much anyway. And that is even on my Hotmail account.

  pj123 17:00 26 Jun 2004

Thanks, FE re: "If you have a personal website don't put a hyperlink version of your email address on it. Create the address as a graphic instead" I'm off to the Webdesign Forum now to ask how to do that.

  end 23:03 26 Jun 2004

ok; this is going to sound "thick", but what do you mean by "right click the message"; which bit do I "right click", the subject heading or the sender on my inbox ( bear in mind I am not working with Outlook express).......

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