Tracing premium rate calls

  Burnsy 13:14 07 Jun 2004

My last phone bill includes a number of calls to Premium Rate numbers which are presumably internet-related and may involve a teenage son. These are all UK numbers - is there any way of identifying who or what these numbers are, a kind of reverse directory enquiries ?

PS Thanks to your site I have now subscribed to BT's Call Blocking service which hopefully will prevent this happening in future.

  jg1990 15:58 07 Jun 2004

There is a number which you can ring to check telephone numbers. Unfortuantely I cannot remeber it. I suggest you ring your ISP and ask them.



  Burnsy 16:06 07 Jun 2004

I don't really wanadoo that but thanks for the suggestion.

  Graham ® 17:06 07 Jun 2004

Here you go click here

  Burnsy 17:25 07 Jun 2004

Hey thanks Graham, sure enough the very same numbers are listed there. Nice to know its being investigated but as for redress, thats another matter ...

  g0slp 18:23 07 Jun 2004

BT were very helpful when I had a similar problem.

As for redress, do you have a lawn to mow, dog to walk, or (worked here) refuse to be 'Joe le Taxi' and also 'forget' to top up their mobiles for them?

My pain is yours.........


  spuds 18:51 07 Jun 2004

If you have a BT account and the premium costs are on their bill, they will complete an investigation for you.

  bremner 18:56 07 Jun 2004

Subscribers checks - for that is what you are asking for - comes under legislation and is carefully monitored and requires specific grounds.

Merely having a few premium rate numbers on your bill may not be sufficient. As has been suggested contact your phone provider, they will advise and if they feel there is a criminal offence they will refer you to the police who can apply for the subscribers details as part of their investigation.

  Burnsy 15:30 05 Jul 2004

I understand that blocking Premium Rate calls via BT does not address the internet problem. The internet premium rate numbers are not dialled via the conventional phone line so BT's call blocking does not intercept them. I phoned wanadoo but they didn't wanadoo anythin about it either. So I am again at a loss for the cure for this problem (other than the obvious extreme solution ..).

  TBH1 16:05 05 Jul 2004

Burnsey - a phone lines a phone line - - you sure BT's blocking is no good ? Am sure it worked for me when I was on modem.

  keef6 16:48 05 Jul 2004

I e-mailed ICSTIS a while ago about 4 or 5 premium rate numbers on our unusually large phone bill. In time they wrote back telling me who the perpetrators were (websites for game cheats, MP3 downloads etc. Children squarely in the frame for this one) but they are all overseas, so little prospect of getting the dosh back. Today I got an e-mail from Icstis saying one company (Italian as it happens) had been investigated, found wanting, fined, and ordered to repay anyone who writes to them with a copy of the offending phone bill. Worth the price of a stamp I suppose. NTL barred premium rate calls on the phone line for a small fee, so no recurrence of the offence. Now on BB via cable so rogue diallers no longer a threat.

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