tping missig letters on latop

  second best 22:18 17 Feb 2008

as you can se formthe thread title, im missing letters and spacing from my typing. I cn type around 30 words a minute, though i admit, i ca't look a tthe scrn at the samtime, but i've been yping for nearly ten years in this manner. last few days ive noticed spaces not being inserted, letters mising.

I havne't altered thistext. it is as yped. eventhe 'are mising. they do appearif i take the tme to wait or them to appear.

any ideas. if i'm not being lear, just le me know

  skidzy 22:22 17 Feb 2008

Got to be a wind up !!

If not,i take it your computer needs a spring clean or upgrading some hardware !

  second best 22:24 17 Feb 2008

a, it's not a windu skidzy. i'm looking into it using google now.

  skidzy 22:25 17 Feb 2008

Basically are you saying have a non-responsive keyboard ?

  second best 22:26 17 Feb 2008

well, it s responding, just not how itshould be. lie i say it is onlyvery recent. just read it couls a remote keylogger. gotta o a virus check

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:27 17 Feb 2008

If wireless keyboard - change batteries

control panel - keyboard character repeat rate, try adjusting

  MCE2K5 22:31 17 Feb 2008

It's a Laptop click here
Last 2 Posts.

  skidzy 22:35 17 Feb 2008

hello mate,yes i had noticed as its in the title field.
Was about to post Fruit Bat /\0/\'s suggestion,but he beat me to it ( control panel - keyboard character repeat rate, try adjusting)

  second best 23:04 17 Feb 2008

well, i'll check the keystroke, bt i havne't changed anyhting for over 18 months, so i doubt it'll change anyhting. i'll let you know.

  MCE2K5 23:11 17 Feb 2008

Could be your typing speed has improved.

  second best 23:38 17 Feb 2008

a, i'll take it under advisement, but nope. it's probgot worse withall the igeon tye language we se for texts tese days

o dear. it i bad isint it?

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