tp link connection but no transmission

  suzanjane 21:03 13 Nov 2007

i am running a tp link router and tp link usb adapter and am new to this wireless environment

all computers were working beautifully [even at 300 feet from the router] and all transmissions were happening without issue

today i have a good signal but no transmission; no web sites can be connected at all

and this is on my pc as well as my laptop... if the signal is there what will be the cause for the browser not seeing he connection?


  Ashrich 21:45 13 Nov 2007

You may be connecting to the router , but is the router connecting to the internet ? Have a look at the lights on the router , or visit the routers set up pages to see if all is Ok in there .


  suzanjane 22:16 13 Nov 2007

i have gone to dos and typed in ping plus the numerical IP address for the router and all is working a treat

it would seem that the alpha addresses such as are not being translated in to numeric

and i don't understand: is this a modem issue all of a sudden when this morning it was all working? is this an ISP issue? are they blocking the transmissions maybe [i am using a dial up connection now to be able to find a resolution to this problem]

so the router/modem are functioning

but not transmitting alpha addresses

  Ashrich 17:01 14 Nov 2007

It might be a broadband problem , but you are still getting an IP address from them , as you can connect via dial up , try rebooting or power cycling the router first , just to remove it from the equation .


  suzanjane 20:51 14 Nov 2007

i will power off the modem, then the router, count to 10 and repower the modem and then the router... this has to be done at another location as i do not have the modem/router set up here; just remote

i thought that when i was able to ping that there was a signal going from my computer to the Net but that my situation meant there is no recognition of word addresses.... but i don't really know much about networking;

i thought maybe the provider doesn't like the fact that we can get much better speeds than what we are paying for by using the router :-) on the DSL line

i will report once i can do the power recycling;

  suzanjane 22:27 14 Nov 2007

I got the reset down and just like in the old days, reset worked.... can't believe that was all I had to do

thanks for the hand holding!!

  Ashrich 23:43 14 Nov 2007

That's Ok , can you tick this as resolved .


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