Toughie PC Problem requiring genius advice.

  jaymus 23:16 31 Aug 2009

Here's my PC problem, it's a real toughie and I would be very grateful if anyone can help...

From a cold start there is a grinding noise that lasts for about 30 seconds it usually subsides by the time the boot up gets to the Windows XP flash screen, however at this point the PC usually locks up, I then press the reset button on the front, the boot sequence starts up again - this time without the grinding noise - but now I get BIOS beeps -beep beep...beep beep beep - that's two together three at an interval, at this point nothing happens, the HDD still seems to be accessing but there is no display.

If I then hold in the power button to turn it off then turn it back on or press the reset button I get the beeps again and no display

Now, this is with the case all packed up and standing upright, if I lay the case on its side and open it up, and also lay the HDD flat on top side of the casing (with suitable insulation underneath) it tends to work, not always straight away but usually after a couple of resets.

If I then turn it off put it all back together and restart it, it'll work fine until I try it again the next day or several hours later

In trying to identify this problem I have replaced the processor fan and case fans and replaced the PSU, I have also tried it with a different graphics card in case that was the problem, all to no avail

So, I'm down to two things; the HDD and the processor

The HDD would seem like the likely suspect as its the only physical thing that would make the grinding noise and cause the lockup/ non starts. I'm tempted to rehouse and replace the heatsink it in case the thermal paste has dried out - but how would this have anything to do with the grinding noise?

If there are any geniuses out there, I am at a loss...with thanks in advance.

  rickf 23:32 31 Aug 2009

For what it's worth, I think the HDD is going. I think you should save all your important docs buy a new HDD and reinstall windows. You kind of touch on the prob yourself anyway.

  GaT7 00:03 01 Sep 2009

I agree with rickf. With that kind of grating noise, a hard drive change should've been your first port of call.

"but now I get BIOS beeps -beep beep...beep beep beep - that's two together three at an interval" - your motherboard manual might tell you what they mean. 2 short, 3 long doesn't appear in this comprehensive list of codes click here. G

  Forum Editor 00:22 01 Sep 2009

is almost certainly the sound of the hard drive desperately trying to tell you that it's failing fast, as the others have said.

Change the hard drive, not the thermal paste.

  jaymus 08:30 01 Sep 2009

Thanks everyone. I will go with the HDD.

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