morddwyd 17:05 17 Dec 2009

Increasingly troubled by arthritic fingers, I have been casting a speculative eye over touchscreen laptops.

Opinions, please?

I know about the obvious problems like keeping clean and the cost of replacement, but if anyone can answer from a position of actual knowledge or experience I'd be grateful

  rawprawn 17:42 17 Dec 2009

I have RA, but fortunately can control it with drugs, I have no experience but I wonder if something like this may help?
click here
I cannot really see great advantage in touchscreen, but I have never used one and maybe somoene else may give guidance
Good Luck and have a nice Christmas

  Woolwell 17:51 17 Dec 2009

Not a direct answer but have you considered a trackball or specially designed mouse.

  Woolwell 17:52 17 Dec 2009

Overtaken by rawprawn.

  Curio 18:51 17 Dec 2009

I used Touchscreen monitors at work. All operators were issued with pencils with eraser attached and we used the eraser end to navigate the screen. I appreciate you have arthritic fingers but it may just be a way round your problem.

  morddwyd 20:06 17 Dec 2009

Thanks for the responses.

Use a trackball for the PC but not really a practical proposition for the laptop which gets moved around the house.

My thinking was by the way of being able to touch the screen with a knuckle when I can't straighten my hand/fingers.

Large icons, large on screen keyboard and accessibility software should help.

  Technotiger 20:18 17 Dec 2009

Have you looked at the Accessibility options in Windows - Start>All Programs>Accessories>Accessibility ....

  Woolwell 21:50 17 Dec 2009

Windows comes with voice recognition software so that you can control your laptop by voice. I'm not sure how good it is.

  morddwyd 05:18 18 Dec 2009


I have no problems finding options to use my laptop, I was just looking for opinions on touchscreens as one of them.

  BT 07:57 18 Dec 2009

We use to do exactly the same on our process computer screens, but with the end of our Bics. We had to select say a valve to operate, by touching the screen then pressing a key to make it work. The problem with these type of screens is that they are often just that little bit to far away from the operator to be comfortable hence the use of the pen/pencil.

  morddwyd 10:40 18 Dec 2009

"The problem with these type of screens is that they are often just that little bit to far away from the operator "

It's never going to be further away than my lap, that's why it's called a laptop!

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