Touch screen monitors

  Picklefactory 17:58 20 May 2010

Anyone experience of these at all? I'm knocking together an Excel workbook to record shop floor data, and the requirement is for a touch screen with no keyboard or mouse attached. The Excel stuff isn't an issue, and I can make that entirely selectable with nice big, chunky, finger sized buttons, but apart from my PDA I've never used a touch screen. Does it simply replace the mouse functions, ie click, click and drag etc can just be done with a finger, or is it more complex than that?
Any ideas folks?

  birdface 18:03 20 May 2010

cant help you with that but I was in Aldi's today and they had a 21" touchscreen monitor for £199.00 just in case you were looking for one.

  Picklefactory 18:12 20 May 2010

Thanks for the heads up, but the monitor will be provided by a supplier who's making more parts of the same system.

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