Totally dead pc

  keithrow2 15:40 06 Dec 2007

Following a power cut and subsequent reduced power, my pc refuses to show any signs of life.

I thought it could be a faulty psu and so replaced the original. No change, still totally dead although there was a led shining on the m/b showing power was present.

I next thought that the m/b and/or processor could have died and so sent off for a bundle with both present. After careful installation I switched on the pc and change, still as dead as a dodo.

Has anyone any idea what couuld have happened and what may have gone wrong?

  keithrow2 15:42 06 Dec 2007

that I'm using XP on a three year old Mesh PC.

  skidzy 15:44 06 Dec 2007

If the new bundle has been tested and a ok,then i would say its the psu.
Something to consider,even the new psu could have blown if the mobo is faulty.

Have you tried the new psu with the new mobo bundle.
Are you connecting the mobo correctly ?

  keithrow2 15:54 06 Dec 2007

I have, as far as I know, replaced correctly the psu, m/b and processor. I checked the hard drive on another pc and that was fine as too was the ram.

Essentially the old pc is now a 'new pc'.

New except for the fact that diddly works. No sign of a fan turning or any beeps sounding.

i'm not an expert, in fact far from it and could well have wired up the m/b incorrectly...but don't think so.

is there any was I can test the switches to see if they are actualy working?

  skidzy 16:14 06 Dec 2007

Absolutely nothing !

First simple step,sorry to doubt you..but check the plug fuse first.

Have you tested the power cable ?

If these are fine,remove the mobo and place on a piece of card and connect up again,this will rule out any shortening out.

You have connected the 4 pin 12v connector to the mobo.?

  stevo28 16:19 06 Dec 2007

does the mobo require an 8 pin connector or aux 6-pin. If you wanted to test the new psu you could try a psu tester by antec, for around £10, there or thereabouts

  skidzy 16:24 06 Dec 2007

This psu tester is the one i use click here

  keithrow2 16:34 06 Dec 2007

I thought about the mains cable and have tested it with one known to be working but to no avail.

The 4 pin 12v connector is connected as is the 24 pin power connector. I did think that the 4 pin 12v connector was not required if using a 24 pin power connector but plugged it in anyway.

I'm using a Gigabyte GA-MA61SME-S2 m/b by the way and the psu is rated at 600w and so is powerful enough.

I'm sorry stevo28 but I have no idea what you just said except for it costing a tennner. I am perhaps more of a novice than I first thought.

I'll do as you suggest skidzy and get back to you shortly.

  keithrow2 16:48 06 Dec 2007

I have to ask this but how can I connect anything to the m/b if it's sitting on a piece of card??

Do you mean for me to remove the psu from its position in the pc housing and connect just this to the 2 power connectors on the m/b?

  skidzy 16:52 06 Dec 2007

Remove the power source (Plug in wall socket)

Remove the mobo from the case and lay a piece of card on the case,leave the psu fitted,you should now have enough room for the cables to reach the hardware.

Just connect;

One stick of ram
Graphics card
Harddrive for now.

Any other hardware can be connected later.

  skidzy 16:55 06 Dec 2007

Obviously not forgetting cpu must be in place.

Just a quick thought,you have applied new thermal paste/compound when replacing the cpu ?

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