Totality lost for finishing touches

  holligan 23:32 11 Jan 2004

Just about finished my site, but want to add a bit more or fill blank bits in. I will put more pics in but not till the summer. I was wandering if you lot got any ideas ? Iam lost

  holligan 23:35 11 Jan 2004

Forgot that, any search engines or out like that will do 23:56 11 Jan 2004

a search box from Google which will search your site as well as the web. Cant find address at the moment but you could wade through the Google site to find it. Unless anyone has it to hand.

  Forum Editor 00:33 12 Jan 2004

you might have gone a bit overboard with the ads - particularly the Amazon ones? Your site has more ads than content, and it looks far too busy.

My own view is that gardening is a calm, peaceful subject, and deserves a site with that kind of atmosphere.

I also feel you have just too many pages (and consequently navigation buttons). The site would look far better with a tighter navigation structure - have two or three main sections and then if you like, have sub sections within them. Aim for no more than two or three mouse clicks from the home page to any other part of the site.

The button marked 'more ideas' links to a page with nothing bar an image of two very sweet little girls, who are I presume your daughters. There's no problem with having images of your children on a site like this - in fact real people can add a good deal to the atmosphere, but make it in context - perhaps a picture of them playing in your garden. Let the garden show through. Don't just have a page with an image and no text - it looks very unprofessional.

To summarise:-

1. I wouldn't put any more theird party stuff on the site at all (search bars, animated ads, etc.)in fact I would remove most of the Amazon ads - have two at the very most. I would also remove anything else that isn't related to gardening; people who visit you because they're looking for gardening services aren't going to be interested in sport radio, or free software. Keep the site centred on gardens.

2. Try to fill up with more content - perhaps a 'page of the month' giving people tips on what they should be doing in their gardens, and what plants will be showing at their best. You could have a plant of the month image on that page perhaps.

3. Pay close attention to your text. There are quite a few grammatical errors and typos which detract from the professional look - if you're uncertain get someone to edit the text for you. This is very important, and will make an enormous difference.

4. Put your links into a table with three columns - column 1 should contain the hyperlink, column two would have the name of the site, and column three would have a brief description of the site's content "This company specialises in roses" for instance.

I can see that you're gaining in confidence with NetObjects Fusion, you have the makings of a very good site, but don't let your desire for lots of 'bitty' content and third-party ads run away with you. Keep it simple, and keep it neat and classy.

  holligan 09:25 12 Jan 2004

The more ideas was just a test to see if i could do a blank page before i put out on

i have trouble with grammer i dont no anyone who can do it either.

cheers fe, back to it again, never ending just when you think youve got it right, i wish i never asked hahah

back in a few weeks after ive changed it.

  holligan 09:31 12 Jan 2004

Very sweet girls (NOT) hahah

that pic was just a test its not staying i was getting the hang of linking to another page

  Forum Editor 13:21 12 Jan 2004

and then remind me. I'll edit all your text for you.

  holligan 14:05 12 Jan 2004

Cheers i will, iam useless i use spellchecker and ask people to look but they say its ok. thats what you get for not listening at school hahah

  PurplePenny 17:56 12 Jan 2004

Holligan I know that you told me that the TalkSport Radio advert was your pride and joy but FE is right - you really should get rid of it.

The website is supposed to be advertising YOU. If you fill it full of adverts for other services your own promotion gets lost.

(That particular advert might also give prospective customers the wrong impression. They might feel that you will be more interested in listening to the radio than doing their garden.)

You do need more photos of your work - put the "photos" and "recent work" sections together as a gallery. You don't need to say that it is your own garden, in fact it does make it seem as though that's all you've done, but you *do* need to show the progress of the garden in chronological order. At the moment it says "As the smaller photos show" but no smaller photos are appearing - all I see is the finished garden.

All the tips pages are overwhelming. As FE says you need to get rid of all those navigation buttons so why not have one "gardening tips" button then you can list the pages separately from there. At the moment the long navigation list detracts from what the site should be doing - advertising *your* services.

I was going to offer to help with the spelling, punctuation and grammar but FE got there first.


PS "thats what you get for not listening at school" reminds me of the joke "It's at times like this that I wish that I'd listened to what my mother used to say." "Oh, and what was that?" "I don't know, I didn't listen."

  holligan 18:46 12 Jan 2004

OK you win the ad will go youre right i would rarher listen to the radio hahah. the small pics was took 3 yrs ago. the others are present ones.i have never took pics before so cant now till the summer. i am not sure how to link pages i dont want to mess up and lose it now i started this website in july!!!!

  holligan 19:06 12 Jan 2004

spelling, punctuation and grammar

i dont have a clue,

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