Total Training for Adobe Photoshop 7 Problem

  Border View 22:52 30 Apr 2007

I purchased Total Training CDs for Adobe Photoshop 7 on e-bay. It came in the form of Install Disc and 8 other discs.

I followed the instructions on the install disc to the letter, but when I came to start the lessons I get the message "Cast member name expected. "Audio norm". Script Error. Continue? Yes/No

If I click on Yes the error message is repeated, if I click on No it closes.

To remove this training package from my computer I did a system restore, but it was still there. Strange thing is its not listed in "All programmes" nor in Add/Remove programmes in Control Panel. So I had to track files down and delete them.

To be on the safe side I've run Avast and Spybot S&D and no problems showed up.

Can anyone please advise what to do next.

  woodchip 22:59 30 Apr 2007

I think you have a Hacked version, to find out put the Setup disc in the Computer, Stop it running by holding the Shift key until drive light stops flashing. Then open Windows Explorer click on the CD and look for a Text file like Readme check what it says

  Border View 23:06 30 Apr 2007

Hi woodchip, there was a Readme page to look at as part of the installation. You had to click on that first to find out how to install.

  MAJ 23:08 30 Apr 2007

There are loads of excellent photoshop tutorials on the web, Barmoor, and they're free. Not very helpful with your present problem I know, but maybe something to keep in mind.

  Border View 23:11 30 Apr 2007

Thanks MAJ. I've just found an excellent book - Teach Yourself Visually Photoshop 7. (A friend is lending it me). I did find a web site for training, but found it heavy going and I couldnt find Photoshop 7, only earlier versions. Will do a search for other sites.

  woodchip 23:13 30 Apr 2007

Did the readme say anything about Key etc

  Border View 23:16 30 Apr 2007

Not that I can recall. It was just type written instructions about installing two folders and making shortcuts to the desktop.

What would Key be about please?

  woodchip 23:20 30 Apr 2007

If it's a Hacked version they put a small program on the CD and the Readme file tells you how to use it.

  Border View 23:24 30 Apr 2007

Looks like I've been done. Will e-mail the seller but dont hold out much hope.

Had a bad feeling about this one from the start. Thanks for responding woodchip and MAJ.

  David4637 17:05 01 May 2007

Visit your local library you will find many books to borrow on PS. Even the latest version of PS is NOT that very different from Version 7, which I have. 90% of a book on CS2 is still relevant to PS 7. David

  Border View 17:13 01 May 2007

The chap I bought the software off has come back to me and suggested I contact Total Training on their web site. He says that the problem I encountered is known and there is a patch.

Question is should I bother?

Thanks for that David - will have a look.

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