total security driving me mad

  nonowtatall 11:28 03 Oct 2009

i have on my computer a program called total security and all it does is put up notices telling me i have an infection but can i remove it no way any ideas

  p;3 11:47 03 Oct 2009

Does your problem look like this ?
click here

if so have you yet tried to run Malwarebytes?

click here

free exe is

click here

fully update it; reboot and run a full system scan; see if that cures it :))

PS what protection programs do you have on there?

  Sea Urchin 13:43 03 Oct 2009

A guide to using Malwarebytes

click here

  nonowtatall 10:29 06 Oct 2009

hi P;3
have done what tou said and i also found i have another thing on called personal anti-virus so i followed all what you said and ran malwarebytes and it has cleared most of it i also have on the computer as i am using SKY broadband a program called mcafee and it is causing me havoc keep popping up telling me about security it also stopped me downloading malwaebytes and some other progs so i checked it out and it was doing nothing for me so i deleted it and put AVG in and every thing seems fine there were 7 trojans and about 70 other bugs when i checked windows security it said that it was switched off how do i switch it on again
many thanks it took a long time but i had to go to my freinds to download the malwarebyte and avg as the mcafee stopped me

  p;3 11:26 06 Oct 2009

I think it would be a good idea if you tell us what antivirus programs you think you have on there ; plus what other protection programs you think you have on there

you MAY have a conflict and it would help to know what is what on there ; you have Sky Broadband

click here

with it comes 'Up to 12 months' Free online protection with McAfee® Internet Security Suite'

How did you disable the McAfee?

  Sea Urchin 12:11 06 Oct 2009

It was not McAfee that stopped you downloading Malwarebytes - but Total Security and/or Personal AntiVirus, both of which are rogue programs.

It sounds as though your system is far from clean at the moment.

  nonowtatall 15:23 06 Oct 2009

you are right the mcafee was for one year but it left it on to keep remining me by doing pop ups also you are right about the other progs stopping me down loading malwarebyts so now i used evo to uninstall macafee so all those pop ups have gone i now have AVG running and windows firewall and automatic updates total security has gone and personal anti virus i have a idea the macafee pop ups have given me a false sense of security and let these progs through hopefully all is ok it has been for over 24 hours now but i will run malwarebytes each week now i have it installed

  p;3 19:50 06 Oct 2009

may I suggest you fully update the Malwarebytes program, reboot the computer and run a full system scan with it; then let us see its report for you ...see where we are at ....

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