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  jacquisue 11:52 20 Aug 2006

My Tiny PC is under warranty with these people and I need to make a claim as my flat screen monitor has given up the ghost. It seems to have 'blown' as there is no picture (started off as multicoloured rainbow effect then went dead) I've tried using the same cables on another monitor and they work fine so not a cable issue. Tried the broken monitor on another PC and it's still 'dead' so this leads me to believe the monitor needs repair/replacing.
Trouble is, the Total Care support helpline is v. expensive and the guys there just want to talk me thru the basics like 'Is it switched on' blah blah. When I tried to explain I know it's the monitor that's malfunctioning all I get is them repeating the usual guff. I'm getting nowhere!
Any help please on how to get a repair without having to spend 20 mins at £1 a min?

  brundle 12:16 20 Aug 2006

looked for an alternative number here ? click here

  spuds 12:18 20 Aug 2006

What doe's your actual warranty state, as it would appear that the company involved is perhaps a 'support' company and not an actual repair company.

How old is the monitor, and which Tiny company did you purchase it from. Was the package purchased by credit card or computer finance agreement?.

Have you tried the degaussing (is that the correct word!)procedure on the monitor?.

  jacquisue 12:41 20 Aug 2006

Thanks Bundle for the 0880 link very useful!

Spuds...I bought the Pc and monitor from Tiny's Computer shop in 2004 and took out their extended warranty. When Tiny went bust Total Care continued to honour the warranty for which I pay (stupidly it appears!) £75 per year...recently made a payment in June this year.

My complaint isn't that they saying they won't cough up...we never get that far!

This is how it goes...
ME: "Hello, my monitor is totally wiped if it's 'blown' for want of a better word. What can you do about it under the warranty?"

The guy at Total Care: "Please right click on the screen and go into..' etc.

ME: "You don't understand, the screen is blank, dead, no signal, nothing. I am unable to click on anything."

GUY AT TOTAL CARE: "I need to diagnose the problem before I can help you. Please go into settings..."

This goes on for a while, until 10 mins at £1 a min into a fruitless conversation I lose the will to live and slam the phone down!
This has happened twice and I've given up - faxed and emailed them but nothing from them as yet.

  spuds 13:33 20 Aug 2006

If you paid by credit card, then ask for help from the credit card company. In theory, you could have a claim under section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act (if payment over £100), you may find the credit card company will oblige, in helping to sort out the problem. They may have better leverage on this type of problem and concern, with the 'support' company.

The other alternative is to write to the Company Secretary or Managing Director, and explain the situation to them, and ask for their response and action. If you do this, I would point out the fact, that it would possibly appear to cost (you) more for alternatives, than getting the problem solved, than a replacement monitor. Most monitors nowadays, have a 3 year manufacturers swap-out warranty, which usually speeds up the replacement procedures.

The third course of action click here

  jacquisue 13:35 20 Aug 2006

Many thanks spuds. I posted a letter off yesterday so will give them about a week to reply, then if not, I'll take annoying!

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