Toshiba wont recognise cardbus adaptor

  bassist1 22:34 05 Oct 2007

Hi all.Problem:When I plug my D-link DWL650+ card into a Toshiba Tecra 520CDT running Win98,there is no response.In Control Panel,both slots are shown to be empty,even with the card plugged in.Installation CD worked OK.What could the problem be?

  brundle 22:43 05 Oct 2007

P166? The requirements state 300mhz processor for a start, perhaps your laptop can't keep up with the card. Looked at Device Manager for yellow flags?

  bassist1 00:32 06 Oct 2007

No yellow flags at all in device Manager.In fact,DM indicates that the device is working properly.The card is OK,as it works in another laptop,a Compaq running XP Pro.Would there be a reason for the actual card slot to be defective,and if so,can anything be done?Appreciate your input,Brundle.Thank you.

  ambra4 15:16 07 Oct 2007

Are you running Win98 or WIn98SE?

This card works only work on Windows 98SE, 2000, ME, XP

If using 98SE update driver

click here

  bassist1 16:52 07 Oct 2007

Ambra,Thats not the first time I've been told that the two are not compatible but the D-Link manual states;"Windows XP,2000,ME or 98".I know that the processor in the Toshiba is only 166Mhz,so I'm presuming thats where the problem lies

  ambra4 18:17 07 Oct 2007

Why not upgrade to 98SE and see if it will work

I am sure one of your friend have a 98SE cd

  bassist1 20:57 07 Oct 2007

I'll certainly give it a try,Ambra.many thanx

  davidh50 23:01 07 Oct 2007

Have a look here, 16 or 32 bit Cardbus(PCMCIA).

click here

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