toshiba satellite pro 400cs bios - protected?

  greybeard 18:15 09 Dec 2006

Trying to install a graphics tablet into the above laptop running 98se, there have been numerous problems.
These have ended with the disappearance of the cd drive from the system !
I want to get into the bios to see whats the situation there, but the usual keys during start up dont work.
Can anyone please tell me the correct key(s), or is it protected in some way.
I've been to a german site which seems to be about dongles to get in, but unfortunately I cant read german, so I'm not sure.


  greybeard 21:16 09 Dec 2006

My last chance to save this laptop for our use is some info on the above problem.
The present circumstance is that because the bios doesn't seem to be recognising the cd drive, without being able to get into it I cant make the necessary alterations. I've got the start up disc I've produced from another 98se system in the house, but without the bios finding the drive I'm stuffed.
Vicious circle really.

Any help ?


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:33 09 Dec 2006

F1 for Toshibas normally.

try click here

  Ashrich 21:41 09 Dec 2006

This is what I found from a web site , 1. Power up computer from off condition with ESC key depressed. Unit will display "Check system. Then press (F1) key"
2. Release the ESC key, press the F1 key. This will put the unit into the BIOS setup screen. see if it works for you , that is if the machine hasn't been passworded by someone else of course , if it has you will need a password remover dongle , they can be bought on the web from Uk , even on eBay .


  greybeard 21:59 09 Dec 2006

Hi fruitbat. I've tried F1 with no go, but your threw up ctrl-del which is a new one to me so I'll give that a go when I go back and check all the standard one(+ others !)in case I missed one.

Ashley, I'll try that as well, but I think the Esc key, like all the others, is ignored, and win98se ploughs on starting up as if I didn't exist. Most frustrating.
Re passwording, although I couldn't be sure, I assumed from the German link I looked at that the dongle gets around something the Toshiba themselves instal as a protection. I presume some idea of protecting the jobs of their own trained repair men. Seems to be built into a printer port plug - I wonder whats in it - just wire links perhaps, or a chip ?


  greybeard 22:01 09 Dec 2006

edit ...."your link threw up"

  Ashrich 22:04 09 Dec 2006

It says press the esc key BEFORE switching the laptop on , that throws up a display of " check system " like it has an error , then press F1 , release the ESC key and continue tapping F1 , remember to press ESC first before booting .


  Ashrich 22:06 09 Dec 2006

When I say " press " I mean to keep it pressed in before and during the boot sequence .....


  greybeard 22:24 09 Dec 2006

Thanks for the update. I'll let you know the result.

  greybeard 22:28 09 Dec 2006

No progress so far, I'm afraid.

  greybeard 22:35 09 Dec 2006

I've just been through my early postings and found I made the same request for this info about the same problem over 2 years ago.
Somehow I managed to install the os without finding out the answer !
I wonder how I did it.

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