Toshiba Satellite 4090XCDT ac adaptor

  rich549 00:00 02 Jun 2005


my ac adaptor for my toshiba satellite 4090xcdt broke this morning and i have been scouring ebay and the web for a cheap replacement one but im confused???!!??

I know that i need a 15v 3A output adaptor but i cant find one that is for my model of laptop, so iwas wondering if i could just buy any Toshiba 15v 3A output adaptor and use that??


Should i try and get one thats for my model of laptop??


Should i get one that is the right output but for a slightly older model like the 4080xcdt??

thanks in advance for any help!

  sinbad1 00:05 02 Jun 2005
  rich549 00:08 02 Jun 2005

naaar thats not completely what i need, i rarely use my laptop on battery cus its old and crap lol i just need a mains adaptor for it.

cheers anyway sinbad!

  SANTOS7 00:09 02 Jun 2005

click here
scroll down about 3/4 of page you will see link to
4090XCDT ac adaptor hope this is what your looking for,good luck....

  SANTOS7 00:12 02 Jun 2005

i actually looked at wrong one yours listed 14th from bottom of page

  rich549 00:14 02 Jun 2005

cheers thats exactly what i need!

solved within 15 mins of posting

well done that man!!!


  SANTOS7 00:17 02 Jun 2005

Not a problem rich549 glad to help..

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