Toshiba Satellite A-100 laptop no power

  K.INGLIS 11:11 21 Jun 2008

Not sure if anyone can offer any advice on this one. Basically I bought a laptop from someone who I work with for my son as an xmas present. Paid £400 for it which I was told was reasonably fair at the time, it was 14mths old.

As of yesterday it has apparently died. When it is connected to the power supply there are no lights, nothing. The power lead is warm so I am assuming that part is ok. When I wiggle the power lead around there is no intermittent power coming through, so I think the power jack is ok so that leaves me with the motherboard. I have read on some sites that it can be pretty expensive to repair, some companies offer to change the whole mother board whilst others will repair the faulty chips. Not sure whether to send it off to someone or take it down to a local computer repair shop (I dont want to be ripped off more than I already have)!

Has anyone else had a similar problem, or can someone recommend a good repair company to use.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:14 21 Jun 2008

1. Disconnect battery and try on mains only.

2. with battery and mains disconnected hold power button for 30 seconds, reconnect battery then mains and reboot. (rids board of static which may be causing the problem)

  K.INGLIS 11:45 21 Jun 2008

Tried disconnecting it etc. but it has not resolved the issue unfortunately.

  woodchip 13:08 21 Jun 2008

On the bottom of laptop look for a plate that covers Hard Drive, Remove the Hard Drive then try boot to see if you get anything on screen, if you do try with hard drive back in

Do not forget to remove Battery and power when removing drive and refitting it

  K.INGLIS 22:32 21 Jun 2008

Tried the above with no luck anyone else got any suggestions?

  blodgett 11:21 22 Jun 2008

I hate to be the bearer of possible bad news, but I recently had an identical problem with my 18 month old Toshiba laptop. It turned out to be a "dead" motherboard for which I subsequently heard "it's not unusual". Luckily I had bought it from John Lewis's and the two year warranty (given on all their laptops as far as I am aware)covered the replacement updated Motherboard.
Good luck

  provider 2 16:14 22 Jun 2008

My daugter`s Toshiba laptop had similar symptoms. I thought it might be a dud battery until she said it wouldn`t work even when plugged into the mains.

Turned out the battery was flat as a pancake, the machine having been run and run without adequate charging times. A continuous 24-hour charge fixed it, though.

Whether or not your problem is similar, I don`t know.

  woodchip 16:48 22 Jun 2008

What may have append is the mains adapter as stopped working, and you have just run the battery flat. Well it is a last thought. If you have a multimeter stick it on the output end of the adapter to see if anything is coming out of it

  woodchip 16:49 22 Jun 2008

PS should be in the region of 18volts the adapter should say on the back

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