Toshiba Satelite 4090 CDS

  sacha66 10:50 22 May 2006

I bought a second-hand Toshiba laptop, so decided it would be a good idea to format the C drive and re-load Windows 98se.

It now doesn't run properly (always crashing and asking for the MS CD etc) and someone said it was because Toshiba have some special BIOS software which would have been deleted during the format process. My local computer shop tells me they can't do it and to go direct to Toshiba. Have gone on Toshiba website, downloaded correct BIOS, but laptop doesn't like it.

What now??

  ade.h 15:20 22 May 2006

BIOS firmware (not software) is stored on the motherboard's CMOS chip and controls the low-level hardware settings and communication. It is what enables a PC to start up in the first place.

It is not, in any way, stored on a hard-disk and cannot be deleted by formatting a hard-disk. You may hear or read references to a tattoo, but that works in an entirely different way, was not used at the time of Win98 and would not create this behaviour anyway.

I would suggest that you first atempt another clean installation of Win98, with all the correct device drivers readily to hand, and see how it goes.

  sacha66 19:24 22 May 2006

Thanks ade.h that's interesting....funny how the computer shop didn't know that. I only re-installed W98 with the usual CD and made a boot disk from another PC using the same software. What drivers do I need?

I feel like I'm in a sea of laptops at the moment all with their own little problems to fix!

  ade.h 19:33 22 May 2006

"What drivers do I need?"

I can't answer that! I don't know what components it has. You'll have to enter the exact model number on the Toshiba support site and hope that it's still in the database. Given its vintage, you might have to run some interrogation software such as SIW or Everest and then search the net for drivers.

If a PC shop told you that you might have deleted the BIOS simply by formatting a hard-disk, then I would question whether its staff should be handing out advice...

  dms05 21:46 23 May 2006

Sasha66 - another laptop and another problem! I have amongst my collection almost the exact same model (4030CDS) from 1999. Whatever you do don't try running XP - my 4030CDS crawls along with XP loaded.

Are you using the original Toshiba CD to reinstall W98? If you are the installation process reformats the disc for a full install but I seem to remember you could select a Repair option (to do just that). Mine offers the option to install W95 or W98 - it's that old!

As ade.h says you don't touch the BIOS during a W98 install. Toshiba did supply a utility (in Control Panel) that allowed you to change BIOS settings without going >Power Up>Press ESC and f1 in that order as soon as you can after power up.

Under W98 (mine isn't W98SE) it performs quite well. But you need W98SE for things like WiFi.

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