toshiba recovery partions

  jamesd1981 13:31 19 Nov 2010

hi guys looking for some partion advice.

i got a toshiba laptop with a built in factory recovery, but when i looked at the drives theres loads of wasted space.

there are 3 partions one hidden which i assume activates the recovery, the main c drive which is about 75gb with only 30gb used, and an e drive labeled DATA which has hdd recovery files it is a 75gb partion with less than 5gb used, but the 5gb recovery is right in the middle, could anyone tell me if its safe to create a 10gb partion and move the recovery files to there, will the hidden partion still pick it up ?

  GaT7 16:22 19 Nov 2010

Probably not a good idea to mess about with the recovery partition (RP). For a start, & as a precaution, I'd strongly recommend creating a recovery disc(s) if not already done - guide to do so click here. This way, even if you lose the RP, at least you'll have a backup recovery method.

I think the RP needs the extra space to 'expand' during the recovery process. Having said that, I don't know if it needs all of 75Gb, or what's the minimum either. If you create a new RP & move its files there, it would need to have the same attributes as the original RP.

The best place to pose your queries is at the official Toshiba forums click here I think. Forum registration via click here. G

  Terry Brown 16:35 19 Nov 2010

If you are concerned about the recovery files on your computer, may I suggest an alternative solution.

Use a program like Aronis Free to make a backup of your operating system along with any files you have created / added and store to a spare harddrive area (or USB drive). Do not forget to create a CD boot disk.

You can then change your drives around as you see fit, knowing that you have a full backup to rebuild your system as and when you need it.

I should point out that if the computer is under a guarrantee, this will invalidate a software recovery repair.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:39 19 Nov 2010

Some information about performing a recovery on a Toshiba

Toshiba laptops
click here
click here

  jamesd1981 20:39 19 Nov 2010

thanks for the advice guys, its a strange setup, most built in recoverys are in a single hidden partion at the start of the drive, this one has a hidden partion at the very start labeled winRE and is only 250mb, then a the e drive labelled data but it has a folder named hdd recovery with all the files in it, i assume the first small partion is just a boot to run the bigger e partion, yes crossbow i did make the recovery dvds.

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