Toshiba laptop recovery

  Benontheroad 14:36 26 Oct 2006

Hi people

I have posted this problem on the Toshiba support forum but it has not been resolved so I am hoping someone here might be able to help


I have a toshiba p100 laptop. It came with a recovery cd that I have used twice before. The recovery cd no longer works. The recovery cd should reinstall the os (xp home) with the out of the box settings...but it does not

The laptop boots to the recovery cd and loads the ram disk image but just as it would usually generate the options screen for the disc the computer restarts so I am unable to use it

1. I can open the image file from my desktop top by exploring the cd
2. The cd/dvd drive works as I can boot to an old win xp pro os disc and it loads correctly
3. I have checked the bios order and forced it to boot to cd/dvd and it works
4. The disc is not damaged and as above I can explore files
5. I have extracted the recovery disk files to a blank cd and made a new bootable version and it still does not work
6. Since I purchased the laptop I have upgraded the HDD and memory

Help :)

Does anyone have any ideas how I can get the recovery disk to work? I want this disk as it contains extra Toshiba specific tools I need

I would be grateful if someone could offer some advice - sorry for the long email


  MichelleC 15:03 26 Oct 2006

As far as I know the recovery disc would link to a hidden partition to then reload to factory settings, but you probably no longer have that partition.

  Benontheroad 15:37 26 Oct 2006

Hey Michelle

I agree, I think the original install creates a 1mb space for it files

The current os is not the laptop so I would hope the partition information is still there

The current os works but is unstable hence why I was trying to recover the factory settings using the recovery dvd

Any other ideas would be welcomed

PS. I have done a nero checksum on the recovery disc and it says it is good working order

  Spark6 16:20 26 Oct 2006

You say that you have used the recovery disc twice. Was this before you fitted the replacement drive? If so you have probably lost the hidden partition that MichelleC refers to!

  Taff™ 10:03 27 Oct 2006

Go to Start>Control Panel>Administrative Tools>Computer Management and then select Disk Management in the left hand pane. You will see any hidden partition there.

If it is there you should be able to use the recovery discs. However, I had a similar problem with an Acer machine last week. The primary partition (C) had some file remnants left over from an abortive restore. I had to view and delete these files before the recovery discs would work.

Use a boot disk (Floppy or CD) and go to a command prompt. Type in dir c: (I think) and you should get a list of all the files on that drive.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:22 27 Oct 2006

6. Since I purchased the laptop I have upgraded the HDD and memory

Hidden partition on old HDD not on new HDD recovery disks will no longer work.

Have you still got the old HDD? and does it still work?

Fit the old HDD and run the recovery disks, then Use something like partion magic or acronis to copy the drive to your new HDD.

  De Marcus™ 10:28 27 Oct 2006

Which model toshiba?

  De Marcus™ 10:38 27 Oct 2006

oops I see it's a p100.

"I want this disk as it contains extra Toshiba specific tools I need"

If the suggestions offered above don't work or your old hd is no more, visit the toshiba website, they have the following available for download for your laptop:

Acoustic Silencer
BIOS Update
Bluetooth Monitor
Chip Set Utility
Config Free
DVD-RAM Driver
Display Driver
Display Driver
Display Driver
Fingerprint Software
Fingerprint Software
Flash Media Driver
Hotkey Utility
Infrared Driver
Installation Instructions
LAN Driver
LAN Driver
Modem Driver
Modem Region Select Utility
PC diagnostic tool
SD Secure Module
Sound Driver
Touch Pad Driver
Touch Pad On/Off Utility
Wireless Lan Client Manager
Wireless Lan Client Manager
Wireless Lan Driver
Wireless Lan Driver
Zooming Utility
Numerous quickfixes

  Benontheroad 17:07 28 Oct 2006

Hi - sorry for the delay in replying - I was offline fixing the problem and I (We) have solved it.


I kickstarted my laptop with a live Ubuntu 6.06 Linux disc. I then deleted all the partitions on my drive.

I then restarted the laptop with the recovery dvd and this time it loaded. (Hoooray) why this worked I have no idea

I selected the option to delete all the data on the drive. Once that completed, I re-started the laptop with the recovery dvd and selected restore the factory settings. That was about an hour ago and everything is re-installed and normal.


I am not sure why it worked but it appears that by deleting all the partitions on the hard drive with linux and then deleting the data the recovery dvd was suddenly recognised and able to restore the os


Just out of interest, does anyone know why this worked?

Thanks again for all the responses...I didn't get the last few as I was offline running the linux program but cheers anyway


  Legolas 19:12 28 Oct 2006

I am not sure why it worked but because it worked would that then suggest that there was no hidden partition on the old drive as this would certainly not have been present on the new drive if this is the case how does the restore disk restore on a new drive? or am I missing something.

  Benontheroad 19:23 28 Oct 2006

Hey, there was no hidden partition as I deleted all the partitions then went through a 10 hour format process. The drive was clean

The recovery disk's name is a bit contains win xp home and toshiba's various laptop specific tools that it loads all in one go. The idea being it boots up as if you had just booted for the very first time after purchasing it.

The problem in the beginning was that the recovery disk would not even install until I deleted everything...

I guess it could just be one of those strange quirks that I will never fully understand :)

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