Toshiba laptop problem after heatsink cleanup

  gina06 01:04 05 Jan 2007

I cleaned my A30 series toshiba laptop by removing heatsink +cpu. I was very careful using only a cottonbud and replaced everything carefully again, and left the white grease as it was without removing all of it.

Now the laptop starts up but dies immediately within seconds, and I dont get anything on the screen. I power up using AC, the LED lights are lit, but machine does not respond, not even from CD rom.

Could I have damaged something in the process of the above cleaning? What lies just below the heatsink+cpu? Is there any way I can correct this, without having to take it to the repairmen and spending 50quid on it?

Any advice would be appreciated

  sean-278262 01:28 05 Jan 2007

I suspect you may have caused some damage to the connection for the processor. I removed the heatsink of a laptop that was valueless to me and caused a similar problem. It may be required that you replace the processor using the correct attachment technique between the socket and the processor. However it may be hard with the heatsink in position.

  wee eddie 08:09 05 Jan 2007

The white paste you referred to was probably Arctic Silver, or an equivalent product, It would need to be cleaned off and replaced before a good thermal transfer was restored.

Apart from any risk to damaged pins, your CPU is probably overheating.

  Input Overload 10:32 05 Jan 2007

Advice on using thermal paste click here

  hzhzhzhz 10:44 05 Jan 2007
  gina06 11:56 05 Jan 2007

thank you, hzhzhzhz. that is precisely the webpage I followed.. i have posted the problem that occurred AFTER the cleaning.
i'm checking on the thermal paste link right now, and will keep u posted, IO.
no, its not CPU overheating. it hardly gets time to get heated and it dies immediately after starting up, i can even hear the processor fire up. the power button stays lit, but nothing else happens.

Creature of nite, its possible that some connection got damaged, although unlikely.. as I did the entire work with kid gloves.
thank you, everyone. any further advice would be welcome.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:50 05 Jan 2007

no, its not CPU overheating. it hardly gets time to get heated and it dies immediately after starting up,

A second or so is all it takes to overheat the CPU if there is no heat transfer to the heat sink or if the fan is not running.

I suggest you remove the heat sink again clean off the old paste a renew with a very light smear (too much is just as bad as none at all) of new paste.

  gina06 16:53 06 Jan 2007

Thank you, Fruit Bat and the rest of you. I did as advised and got the machine working again!
jeez, this thing is crafy

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