Toshiba battery

  Technoob 05:10 30 Nov 2008

Something wierd is going on. I have a feeling the battery is done since its a year old but I wanted to check with you guys to confirm it.

When I have my laptop plugged into a wall outlet, sometimes, i see a the charging sign and when i put my cursor on it, it says, (plugged in, not charging). Other times even with it plugged in, laptop is running on battery power and eventually dies. Kinda like it charges when it feels like. Ive noticed tho that if i have it plugged in and I am not working on the laptop, it charges it and once i start using it, it stops charging. Itll just sit there not charging or not loosing power either unless i plug it out and then it starts using battery power but when i plug it back in, it stop charging and mentions the plugged in, ot charging sign, is the battery done?

  Technoob 05:11 30 Nov 2008

oh another thing, sometimes it does charge but doesnt show it as plugged in on the battery icon, i dont know what the heck is goin on

  FreeCell 10:56 30 Nov 2008

Battery should last a lot longer than twelve months, though it may be faulty and fail sooner. If your Toshiba was new twelve months ago does your warranty still apply?
Symptoms though sound more like a problem with the power brick or your socket. Assume that you have tried laptop in another power socket, checked all connections, etc.

Take battery out and run PC without it but powered by mains. If it runs okay for some time then power supply would seem to be regular.

  Technoob 18:20 30 Nov 2008

well the waranty just ran out, and yes, it runs fine with the battery out, as soon as i put the battery back on, it starts acting wierd, so i think the battery is done and not holding charge anymore, well it does sometimes but i think ill buy a new one.

  FreeCell 20:36 30 Nov 2008

See click here

Seems that others have problems with certain Toshiba laptops and battery issues. Replacing the battery may work but has not always.

I have an old Toshiba Satellite. No problems in over 5 years with power supply/battery. (Wish I hadn't types that tempting fate now)

  Technoob 01:58 01 Dec 2008

hehe yea well thanks for the help

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