Toshiba Adverts!!!

  Graphicool1 14:53 18 May 2009

These damn Toshiba adverts top and right hand side of this page are driving me round the bend. Every time my cursor strays over them so they open up and blot out half the page. I'm spending half my time refreshing the page and the other half trying to dodge the green, underlined pop-ups.

  john bunyan 14:55 18 May 2009


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:09 18 May 2009

Its the advertising that keeps the site free!

  Stuartli 15:14 18 May 2009

The ads don't normally bother me but, as graphicool1 points out, the Toshiba ones are completely beyond a joke.

The problem has really only arisen over the past few hours.

  Graphicool1 15:27 18 May 2009

I'm not against the adverts 'per se' only when they start interfearing when I'm doing my best trying to help others.

I hear what you're saying but how long do you think these forums would continue if you me and people like us stopped sharing our knowledge for free? :¬]

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:31 18 May 2009


No problems with Firefox and the Noscript Addon installed.

  Bob The Blob 15:33 18 May 2009

No ads with firefox with adblock plus...

  Graphicool1 15:59 18 May 2009

I normally use IE7 when on PCA. At this moment I've opened up Firefox to see what that's like, without ad blocking add-ons. It's just the same, accept it takes twice as long to load the page in the first place and twice as long to refresh. This is why I only use Firefox when I have time to kill and only to use Stumble.

  Marko797 16:18 18 May 2009

in Speakers' Corner.

  Managing ed 16:20 18 May 2009

We're looking into it now.

Managing Editor

  Spark6 16:24 18 May 2009

Thankyou Managing Ed.

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