Toshiba A30 shuts down for no reason!

  SDJ 20:45 22 Mar 2005

Have a Toshiba Satelite A30-921.

My friend mentioned to me that the screen was flickering and that it has been crashing lately.

I started to look at AVs, Spyware etc and AV was fine (defs up to date, scans once a week).
Updated Spybot and started to run a check when the system shut down.

I attempted to restart but it crashed in post.

A further attempt and it crashed just as the Welcome screen appeared.

Disconnected all devices and restarted in Safe Mode.
It got into windows and then crashed when I tried to run Spybot.

A further shut down in post.

One other thing that is bothering me is the heat. The system fans are on constantly and my friend tells me that this has been the case for a few months (they just got used to it) If I leave the unit to cool and restart the fans are on full power and dont ever slow.

I am concerned that it could either be related to spyware / virus or something more to do with the hardware.

Can anyone come up with anything to inspire me.
Many thanks

  Technotiger 20:57 22 Mar 2005

Hi, sounds to me as if the PSU is dying, I would suggest a new PSU - as powerful as you can afford.
I had similar problem, and have just today fitted a new 550w psu.

All working great now.


  Technotiger 21:01 22 Mar 2005

Thanks - and Ooops :-)

But still sounds like a Power problem ?


  SDJ 21:05 22 Mar 2005

Would this have a effect on the system fans?

  Technotiger 21:23 22 Mar 2005

Me again - no, I don't think it is virus related, more likely to be hardware related. May need checking by a qualified engineer. Fans are part of the hardware.


  SDJ 21:37 22 Mar 2005

Thanks, just checked out the E-Support forum on and this does appear to be a known problem with the A30.
I must admit, when looking for the fan vents I was surprised to see them directly under the unit.
It seems they are prone to clogging etc etc.

I will have a word with Toshiba tomorrow.
Thanks loads.

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