Toshiba 1.5Ghz laptop runs like a 386

  johnmil 10:44 25 Mar 2005

I have a 2 year old Satelite Pro Celeron 1.5Ghz, running XP Pro SP1 with 256mb RAM. Suddenly for no known reason it has started to go slower and slower to the point that in word I can type much quicker than the words appear on the display. Opening "My Computer" to view the drives means a "torch" icon and a 20 second wait. It has been checked and found clean for spyware, trojans etc. Even starting in safe mode gives the same problem. The cooling fan is working, but this seems to indicate a thermal "throttling" issue to me. I am not convinced this is software related. Bios checked and all ok. Memory swapped also. HDD appears to be ok, but to run a defrag is impossible due to the speed. 40Gig, with approx 20Gig free.
Anyone have any ideas before the skip beckons??

  LastChip 11:09 25 Mar 2005

Hit the above, select Performance and see how hard the CPU is working, also how much spare memory you have. If this is clogged up, you have something working in the background eating resources.

While your at it, check Applications and Processes to see if you can see anything there that you do not recognise.

If this all appears clean, you could try running a memory checker, to see if that's gone "duff". If you were on the right lines to start with, (a thermal problem), stripping and cleaning the unit could work miracles, but has to be done with a great deal more care than perhaps would be necessary with a desktop. Plastic easily breaks!

  FelixTCat 12:28 25 Mar 2005

How much free space do you have on your hard disk? When the disk starts to get full, XP will struggle more and more, particularly with only 256 MB of main memory, as it tries to find space for virtual memory.

You could try deleting all the files in your Temp directory, reducing the size of the Temporary Internet File cache and reduce the space allocated for System Restore (but only when you're happy with the system). XP allocates 12% of the disk space to System restore by default. Note that changing the allocation deletes all the existing system restore points.

  Kate B 13:15 25 Mar 2005

Forgive me if I'm stating the obvious but have you run malware scans recently? You might have some nasty that's hogging all your resources.

  johnmil 13:53 25 Mar 2005

Basically the answer is yes to everyone so far - I am 100% happy there is nothing on there that shouldn't be - the HDD is 40Gb with 20Gb free, the memory has been changed - the fan is running and clean - Performance wise - sometimes the processor reports 15-20%, at other boots 100% but either way performance is still cr*p. Surely the fact that Safe Mode only loads the basic drivers and also self checks files this indicates hardware rather than software problem??

  Diodorus Siculus 14:02 25 Mar 2005

[quote]Surely the fact that Safe Mode only loads the basic drivers and also self checks files this indicates hardware rather than software problem??[/quote]

To me, if there is no problem when running in safe mode, it would indicate a software problem.

Have you tried the system file checker:



sfc /scannow

  johnmil 14:08 25 Mar 2005

I meant it still runs like a dog in Safe Mode. It took 5 minutes to boot into Safe Mode when I tried it !!

  LastChip 16:13 25 Mar 2005

Have you looked in event viewer to see if there are any events registered to suggest a loading problem of one of the drivers or a corrupted file for example?

Slow boot times even in Safe Mode does not always equate to a hardware problem.

  2020 16:48 25 Mar 2005

i am having very similar experience with my satellite pro 4600 celeron 648 mhz 128 ram running xp professional with sp2. it is a work laptop and there are some things i don't have privliges to do but its pain and very frustrating because it just takes ages to open anything and often it just hangs and i have to reboot. this is compounded because i have to connect to a citrix VPN secure client program. i have been told that some new memory will solve the problem, is this likely?

  livewire 17:18 25 Mar 2005

Does the Laptop have SpeedStep support turned on in the BIOS? or any other CPU Throttling application?

Make sure its all set to performance mode. Also, try using Intel's CPU utillity to see if any Throttling is taking place at :

click here

  livewire 17:28 25 Mar 2005

2020- its A Celeron 648 mhz running Windows XP. While, adding some RAM would be usefull your CPU speed is a tad to low to run XP smoothly...

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