Tosh Tecra 8100 Hibernation Problem

  KimD 18:39 28 Jul 2004

I have a second user Tecra 8100 (moded to PIII 750mhz CPU & 512 mb RAM) that originally had Win'98SE installed. By the time I got it, it had been upgraded to Win 2K. As I did not have the install disks or licence, I installed Win'XP as a new install (repartitioned HD, reformatted, etc), I pressed F5 to load the ACPI option at the SCSI F6 question. I also installed the display drivers first, then installed the other drivers in the order recommended by Tosh. The machine works great apart from the annoying habit of intermittently going into a form of hibernation that requires me to close the lid to display the screen. This happens three or more times after initial boot of Win'XP then stops occuring. I thought it could be caused by overheating but if this was the cause it would surely get worse during the course of a Win'XP session?
Has anyone taken a Tecra 8100 laptop apart and given it a clean? How difficult is it (I am far from being a PC novice)
Help please.

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