Torrent File

  thumbscrew 09:28 10 Sep 2008

I can't delete a torrent file from on screen. I'm getting the following message...."Cannot delete file, cannot read from the source file or disc". Can anyone tell me how to remove it please?

  Jules Dale 14:03 10 Sep 2008

i hope you are not trying to download any copyrighted files. It is illegal if you are not aware.
to delete your torrent file, make sure that the program settings are set so it doesnt run at start up. reboot your computer, then just simply delete your file. hope that helps

  handful 17:03 10 Sep 2008

If it's a program or application then follow Jules Dale's advice above. If it's a file you are trying to delete it looks like it could be a shortcut to a file on a CD or DVD or maybe a removable HD that isn't connected? Look at the properties of the file by right clicking and select properties and see what path it takes you to.

BTW Jules, Torrent files aren't necessarily illegal although it is the preferred choice for downloading unlicenced or copyrighted material.

  skidzy 17:14 10 Sep 2008

Unlocker click here

  sebiven 20:16 10 Sep 2008


This old chestnut about downloading rears it's ugly head yet again with all the self-styled "judges and juries" crawling out of the woodwork!

Jules Dale - come on down! Just help the guy if you are able!

  thumbscrew 20:20 10 Sep 2008

Thanks amigos, located the file, it's an AOR torrent 0KB.It won't delete Jules, clicking brings up..."Unable to delete, cannot read from source file or disc".skidzy, thanks for Unlocker, but clicking doesn't bring up the unlock option.

  skidzy 21:05 10 Sep 2008

Try taking ownership first;

If Vista click here

If xp click here

If the above fails,you have the option of File Assassin click here use at your own risk,this is a very powerful tool and to be used with caution !!!

I would advise you to create a System Restore point first.

  thumbscrew 21:51 10 Sep 2008

I really appreciate all this...skidzy...sheesh, that's way beyond my capability and, seems to include a high mortality potential. At the risk of annoying youse all...isn't there a simpler way to get shot of this little, damn thing?

  skidzy 22:11 10 Sep 2008

Can you right click the file and rename then try to delete.

Is this a shortcut to the file ?
xp or Vista ?
Was the a video file ?
Was this a music file ?

If you right click this file,what are the properties of the file ?

There is a method we can try,but you need to be absolutely positive this is an old downloaded file and not a windows file.

Download HiJackThis click here and save to your desktop.

Install the program and then open and select Open the Misc Tools Section and select Delete a File on Reboot.
Use the dropdown box to locate the file or copy exactly the file name and follow the prompts.

  thumbscrew 23:37 10 Sep 2008

Skidzy, this is a new file that appeared yesterday when I was using utorrent

  sinbads 08:40 11 Sep 2008

Have you tried a sytem restore to before it appeared?

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