Torn Between Broadband Providers

  golfer boy 13:26 21 Feb 2003

Ok, so I've done the research and decided that I want a broadband connection at home. I don't live in a cabled area so I need to have an ADSL connection via my BT line. Prices vary dramatically so I budget at no more than £25 per month, and I look around to see what offers are on.

I finally get down to a choice of 3 providers. This is where you come in. Should I go for Pipex, Eclipse, or Plus Net? Their packages look good, they appear to be respected by ADSL guides online, but what I'm looking for is someone with experience of these companies. What are their customer support services like, how quick can I expect the connection to be, and is there anything about any of these that I ought to beware of.

Many thanks

  obbit 14:17 21 Feb 2003

i know pipex are good although i don't use them myself twon members of my family have pipex they say it is a good service.

  jimv7 14:30 21 Feb 2003

I am with f9 which is part of plusnet for £19.99 per month.

Good speeds and you are kept up to date via their web site for any bb problems.

  jimv7 14:31 21 Feb 2003

Forgot, click here for their web site.

  rct 14:52 21 Feb 2003

Happy Pipex user here. Download at 471Kbps, upload at 260Kbps (3.8km from exchange). Their telephone support is superb now with little wait involved: click here

  SDJ 14:53 21 Feb 2003

I cant imagine a better provider than Pipex.

  Patr100 15:06 21 Feb 2003

Tried a search ? click here

  golfer boy 16:46 21 Feb 2003

Ok, so Pipex takes the lead at present.

Has anyone else got any suggestions?

Thanks for your help so far.

  Seicento 17:16 21 Feb 2003

Pipex for me too.

Been with them for 11 months and never regretted it once.

  lemon2 17:35 21 Feb 2003

I am more than happy with Pipex. Been with them for 11 months. Never had any problems whatsoever.

Although I understand F9 is good.

My mate is on BT and wishes he'd looked around first. Apparently at times (evenings and weekends), BT Broadband is slower than dialup! but he's tied into a 12 month contract.

  cyberphobic 21:00 21 Feb 2003

Been with Pipex for 9 months now, Support was terrible to start with, I haven't needed any for months because the service has been excellent, but I understand that it's now very good.
The other point to consider is that Pipex are a proven ISP who have been around for years and years, can you say that about the others?

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