off topic - answerphones call us - eh??

  kenwyn 23:35 17 Apr 2005

I know this site is populated by all manner of technical experts, so please indulge me for a moment. At work, we occasionally phone customers whose answer machines are switched on. Because we need to talk to the householder, we hang up as soon as we realise its an answer phone. A few seconds later our phone will ring. Lifting the receiver, we then hear the message on the person's answer phone. I tried it in reverse; I got someone at work to call my answerphone, and put the phone down. Then I heard over the answerphone's speaker, a dialling ring, and my work colleague picking up the work phone. Any ideas what we have set up wrong, and whether we can correct it, or whether its a Telecomm engineer's job?

  Forum Editor 00:08 18 Apr 2005

My phone does just the same thing. If I call a number that has a machine on it, and put the phone down as soon as I hear the outgoing message my phone will ring. If I pick it up I'll hear the other person's outgoing message.

Isn't the BT digital phone network a spooky place?

  kenwyn 00:17 18 Apr 2005

yes... even spookier is I am actually talking about New Zealand Telecom!!

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