borat 19:49 22 Sep 2003

Everytime I close down I now have to wait while CCApp closes When I search for this programme I get not found Any clues please?

  bremner 19:54 22 Sep 2003

This is connected with Norton Anti Virus or Firewall

Why topcat?

  borat 20:08 22 Sep 2003

My intials Thanks

  Peverelli 22:37 22 Sep 2003

The title should be a description of your problem, not your initials. Mind you, it's quite unusual to have 6 initials ;O)

  Kitz E Kat 23:58 22 Sep 2003

Must take you ages to sign a cheque!!!

  Forum Editor 00:19 23 Sep 2003

is unlikely to gain the maximum benefit.

CCApp.exe (as bremner points out) is an important part of Norton software, and will load at startup. It's what is called a common hosting application and is responsible for ensuring that email scanning and auto-protect are running. It's essential that you don't stop it loading - you'll be unprotected if you do.

  borat 07:28 23 Sep 2003

Thanks fully understood. I ythought Topcat was my "title" You can get confused when you are 73

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