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  Damarc 09:42 12 Oct 2008

I realise that the top of the search listings are for those who pay Google but how do you get even a mention of your website in the listing? I thought my criteria were very accurate and that there wouldn't be much else that would come up but nothing appears. So what would help me put in my website that would bring me close to the top of the list.

  mfletch 13:46 12 Oct 2008

First Google has to search your site using a google bot,

Then in the search it has to be something interesting enough for people to search for it,

eg/ How to use Spywareblaster

How to use Superantispyware,

These are things that people would do a search for,

  User-1229748 13:54 12 Oct 2008

please don't be conned by any websites that "guarantee" to put you at the top.

  Pineman100 15:12 12 Oct 2008

The top search results on Google aren't necessarily paid for (although those with a cream background, and the Sponsored Links on the right are).

As mfletch has explained, Google uses some extremely sophisticated techniques to "rate" search results. Among them is a kind of most-often-visited filter that puts the most popular sites at the top of the list.

So it's a bit of a Catch-22. In order to earn a top position you have to be popular!

  Damarc 16:04 12 Oct 2008

My business is SuPaw Nanny and it's based in Sutton Coldfield for dog walking. So I entered all three criteria and by the end of the first page I was getting stuff for Sutton Coldfield and Nanny but nothing else so it was missing criteria on the first page which I was surprised at. I advertise on Viva Street because that was what happened to be top of the Google search for Dog Walking Sutton Coldfield and that always comes top of the results. So I've allied my website to Viva Street in the hope that someone might connect and look. Would there be anything else I could do at all?

  bluto1 22:08 12 Oct 2008

I'm a total stranger to this type of advertising.60 years ago I was a teenage wonder.
Aligning yourself with another advertiser near or at the top of Google could work if you are allowed to advertise with striking graphics. However this can be fraught with danger in that you might be seen to be taking trade away from your partner in ads. Apart from anything else, before you start earning anything, how much are you going to be paying. ( My wife is muttering about using the computer too much. This is too interesting.)You could, if you haven't already, advertise you web address in every possible place that will accept your ad, post office, etc. Starting a new project, large or small, can be frustrating. However it will only fail if you give up. Suttonsue, I wish you well, so much so that I'll toast your success, now, with another glass of red. Cheers.

  Halmer 22:19 12 Oct 2008

though Sue!

  DieSse 23:12 12 Oct 2008

My opinion is that you home page has far too little about your business - and doesn't contain anywhere near enough of the key words about your business.

It's just all a bit vague about what you offer.

ie dog walking and Sutton Coldfield.

However - don't stuff the page to the brim with the key words, as that is frowned upon and will get you marked down.

  DieSse 23:15 12 Oct 2008

ps - bluto1's advice about local ads and flyers wherever you can is very sound. More people will see them than a web site. You can use the website to back up the information in the ads/posters.

Also ask all the local vets and pet shops if they will put posters up.

  DieSse 23:22 12 Oct 2008

Another thought for you - if you type "dog walking" + "sutton coldfield" (exactly that) into google - there are still 1630 hots - so it's not that likely you'll quickly get into the top couple of pages, if ever.

Testimonials count for a lot in your sort of service industry - try and get some, with permission to use on the website.

  Damarc 09:37 13 Oct 2008

Yes as you can see I am a novice at website construction. It is a bit homesy I know. I previously posted about free webhosts and you came up with good ideas but the Microsoft Live Business one seems to work - unless they ask me for money at some point. I don't believe in paying out Bluto1 I'm mean! I felt the pinch paying 50p a week for the local post office advert, free in vets and horse food shop. Ah well even with Viva I've had no response but a friend of mine who started a similar business said it was slow to start with and now she's passing them onto me when she can't do them. All by word of mouth now. Thank you for your help

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