Tool/Start Bar depth

  Furkin 08:39 22 Jul 2005

Hi, here's an easy one for you.
Somehow I managed to get my Start/Tool bar to go to triple thickness ! I would like to get it back to ONE line (start/address etc). I can get it to more lines by pulling,,, but I can't get it to less than 3.
How do I do this please ?
thanks for looking

  Graham ® 09:17 22 Jul 2005

I think you mean the Taskbar. Right click on it and clear Lock the Taskbar.

  howard60 09:18 22 Jul 2005

if you click in the bar next to the start menu with luck you will get the pointer to change to up and down arrows - then pull down.

  Furkin 09:27 22 Jul 2005

GRAHAM: 'Lock Task' is already un checked (tried checking & unchecking)
HOWARD60: I can pull it UP using said arrows,,, but cannot get it down past the three layers.

  gudgulf 09:36 22 Jul 2005

Do you have a lot of "quicklaunch " items at the left of the Taskbar? If you do right click the Taskbar and select Toolbars at the top of the pop up box.Remove the tick from quicklaunch to get rid of them .Now try to bring the Tasbar bck to one line.If that works then you can reenable quicklaunch.

Alternative method.......if using Xp use System Restore to take the computer back to before this happened.

  Furkin 11:16 31 Jul 2005

sorry for the delay. I only have 6/7 q.launch items (I've had more without trouble) I've also tried deleting the 'address' on the toolbar to give more room - to no avail.
I didn't want to delete the q.launch, but it seems like i'll have to. Hope it isn't for nothing.
thanks again

  Furkin 11:30 31 Jul 2005

I have removed Address from the task bar which brings it down to 2 levels.
My Q.launch stuff is on the top level,,, the bottom level is empty (apart from the 'slide' button at the far left)
I have removed all the Q.launch stuff, & the bar does go to one level (normal), but as soon as I put them back, it goes to two levels,,, again with the bottom one empty, apart from slide button.
Does this help ?

  rawprawn 11:46 31 Jul 2005
  Taw® 12:45 31 Jul 2005

I had the same problem a couple of years ago I had a search but cannot find it, will look later. Anyhow resolution was to hover near the vertical line on the lefthand side until the double arrows appear then grab and reduce size. It is a bit tricky cos it is not easy to get the double arrows up.

  Furkin 14:04 31 Jul 2005

RAWPRAWN: thanks, had a quick look & saved site to fav's for future reference.
TAW: Many thanks. Problem solved. It's dead easy when you know !!!
thanks to all

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