Toolbar troubles

  Muergo 04:48 03 Oct 2010

Bookmarks toolbar won't accept my selection of icons only and no text.
I have entered it several times and rebooted Firefox but still the bar is overflowing with text so not room for all icons to be visible.


  rdave13 09:55 03 Oct 2010

Try right clicking one of the icons, select properties and delete what is in the 'name' field.

  sunnystaines 10:52 03 Oct 2010

you seem to be getting plenty of problems of late with firefox.

I was wondering if you have an addon that is not compatible with the latest version of FF.

  Muergo 12:08 03 Oct 2010

Thank you everybody but i24 addon of Smartbar I tried first and it is great, now have plenty of room for all icons.

You ARE CORRECT SStaines, there is something clashing somewhere, but I have a lot of Add-ons so difficult to pin down, will do some housekeeping and clear out those not used frequently.

Had a problem yesterday with SAS spyware kept freezing the whole PC, only Task manager worked just to tell me it couldn't shut it down, then froze that!!
Rebooted the not recommended way and uninstalled SAS but still don't know whyit did it.
Will run Malwarebytes to see if SAS has a bug of its own if that's possible.

  sunnystaines 13:47 03 Oct 2010

disable all addons then return them one at a time to see when the fault returns.

re SAS new version just out
click here

perhaps a security related software playing up sas and ff

what security/utilities are you running

  Muergo 14:54 03 Oct 2010

Earlier this year I had a Panda Suite 2010 but did not renew but used Revo to take all of it out I hope.

Replaced with Microsoft Security Essentials and Windows Firewall, and have existing additional ones running for years so can't be clashing with anything = Malwarebytes, Advanced System Care Pro, and HiJack This , now and then.

I was thinking of reinstalling Avira, only removed it as it clashed with panda, and also wondered if I needed Kaspersky now last years is being discounted deeply.

What do you think?

  sunnystaines 15:16 03 Oct 2010

you cannot run avira and panda together. any two antivirus programs will cause havoc so will any two firewalls running at the same time.

i have never run Kaspersky but consider it a good one from what i read.

As for Revo its highly rated here on PCA but I am not impressed with it at all and consider it over rated. It fails to clean as good as it says, and i have had problems recently with ms updates which i suspect revo being the culprit.

i use ccleaner to uninstal, then search/adv search to clean left files/folders. then search the registry. following than run winaso reg software. I too have IOBIT ASC Pro running in the background but does not work as well as a winaso scan which i do once a month.

  Muergo 17:51 03 Oct 2010

I don't have the expertise to decide which items to delete after running a cleaner, hence my cockup with eliminating something that knocked out an essential bit of Firefox recently.

The standard uninstall leaves bits behind which can be very difficult to remove if you don't know what you are doing, I had no end of trouble cleaning both Panda and Norton out before getting the manufacturers own link.

What do you think of other uninstallers, there are too many to try every one.

I think I will try Avira again I didn't have any other problems with compatibility, there are still inactive traces of it in there, also I have Threatfire shown as installed but inactive, I don't know where it is!! it doesn't appear on windows uninstaller or Revo, it's buried but useless. If it's not working I would like to get rid of it.

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