Molly_Don 22:12 07 Jan 2009

My toolbar has somehow gone pearshaped, is there away of getting it back to default status?

I have an laptop with Vista basic.

  MAJ 22:31 07 Jan 2009

Any particular toolbar, or do we just guess?

  Molly_Don 22:38 07 Jan 2009


Sorry I'm crap with computers, my toolbar had all my site names going up (by the start button) now they've all appeared in a line going accros

[URL=click here][IMG]click here[/IMG][/URL]

  tullie 22:45 07 Jan 2009

Doesent sound like a toobar to me,which is at top of your browser.Thats the task bar.Drag it down to proper size and see what happens,you will have to unlock it first.Have you got quick launch selected.?

  MAJ 22:47 07 Jan 2009

That's the Taskbar, Molly_Don. Right-click on the Taskbar and make sure the "Lock the taskbar" option is unticked, then put your mouse on the top edge of the taskbar and drag the edge down until it is the correct height. Then right-click the taskbar again and tick the "Lock the taskbar" option again.

  Molly_Don 22:51 07 Jan 2009

Opps taskbar dam it (I'm such a numpty)

OK, I've followed your instructions but it won't drag down, the lock the taskbar is unticked.

  Molly_Don 23:24 07 Jan 2009

I can drag the taskbar up the page, but it won't go any lower than what's in the image above.

  MAJ 23:35 07 Jan 2009

right-click on it again, Molly_Don, go to Toolbars, make sure everything is unticked under Toolbars and then try to drag it down again.

  Molly_Don 23:43 07 Jan 2009

ha, done it with your help

Quick launch was ticked.

I've now locked the taskbar

Thanks for your help MAJ, I'd never have fixed it without you.

  Molly_Don 23:49 07 Jan 2009

One more question, that blue e (IE) & my fav sites have all gone now, how do I get them back in a line going up, if I click quick launch it goes back to square 1.

  MAJ 00:03 08 Jan 2009

Try going to, in IE, View > Explorer Bar > Favorites.

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