podlod 08:44 20 Apr 2008

Hi, I have a silly prob really as I have forgotten how to solve. How can I stop something arriving every time on my toolbar I log on, as when I right click the item in question I cannot always delete? this one in question is apart from others is Safely Remove Hardware, and how to stop AVG from starting up when I log on?

  BurrWalnut 09:20 20 Apr 2008

1. I don’t understand ‘How can I stop something arriving every time on my toolbar I log on’

2. Unless the default has been changed, ‘Safely Remove’ a USB device is only necessary for devices that are using ‘delayed write’ and they are internal hard disks and optical drives. With devices like memory keys, go to Start > Run type diskmgmt.msc and press Enter. In the left column of the Graphical View where it states the Disk number, right-click the device > Properties > Policies Tab. Here there are two buttons to choose between; "Optimize for quick removal" and "Optimize for performance". Choose quick removal and you can remove the USB drive without clicking the "Safely Remove Hardware" icon. Try to always use the same port and don’t be too hasty in unplugging a device that has just been written to.

3. In the AVG Test Center > Scheduler, click on a task > Edit and disable it. There are usually two tasks; update and scan. Once disabled you can decide when to run it/them.

  Batch 09:21 20 Apr 2008

When you refer to "Safely Remove Hardware" sounds like you are referring to the icon in the System Tray that you get when you plug-in something like a USB memory stick. The way to get rid of it is to click to remove the hardware (and then whatever the hardware is will not be available, even if it is left plugged in).

Why would you NOT want AVG to start? It is a very important part of your system's protection.

  birdface 09:22 20 Apr 2008

Launch Control Center.Click on schedular.Scheduled tasks.Highlight test plan in basic mode.Edit schedule.Untick periodically start scheduled anti virus test.Ok.That switches the scan off.Then just run the scan manually.

  birdface 09:26 20 Apr 2008

How can I stop something arriving every time on my toolbar I log on, Start.Run.Type in msconfig.Top right go into start up.Untick the program that you dont want to start.Apply Ok.You will have to reboot your computer.When it starts a box will appear just tick the little square.Ok.That should stop it starting..If you don't need it on your computer.Just go into add remove and delete it.

  birdface 09:33 20 Apr 2008

He just does not want it to scan at start up as it slows the machine down.He can do it manually even the night before so it should not make any difference when he runs his scan.When running it manually there is a little square on the bottom that you tick and once the scan has finished it automatically powers down the computer.ideal to use it if you are going out.having dinner.or going to bed.Its only the scan that does not work at start up everything else works fine.

  podlod 11:16 20 Apr 2008

Thanks I will try these options and will let you know how I progress.

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