A Too Tidy "Young" Lady!

  User-D1FEEA51-D1F5-4697-860C43559FCDE3F1 21:08 30 May 2004

Hi Folks
I'm much too tidy for my own good!
I get the PCAdvisor every month and read it from cover to cover.
I prize myself on having a GREAT memory but it's now becoming a little obvious that
"anno domini" is starting to catch up with me and that the little grey cells aren't as good as they used to be!

In a recent edition I remember a reference to Windows Updates now being available from Microsoft on a CD instead of having to painfully and slowly download the 16 or so updates that my Windows 98 SE seems to need every time that I reinstall.

I made a mental note to do something about this but temporarily got embroiled in more pleasant pastimes (!) and forgot all about it.
When recently I had the familiar "white rectangular ERROR box" flagging up, meaning that most of the Windows files had become inextricably mangled, cross-linked, and generally trashed, I was reminded of the CD stuff.
Unfortunately my inordinate need for tidiness had resulted in the necessary PCAdvisor being consigned to the great big dustbin in the sky and my much vaunted memory just wasn't now up to the job of remembering all the gory details.

So you paragons of erudition out there, please can anyone refer me to the month of the relevant edition or the relevant Microsoft address/phone details so that I can resolve this matter for future ease of reinstallation?

Thanks a lot from "Halfpenny"

  jimv7 21:10 30 May 2004

Try click here for an unofficial win 98 service pack 1.

It works great.

  Lionheart ? 21:11 30 May 2004

Very many thanks to the Sir Galahads who answered my query:-
Fine to "jimv 7" for a very novel answer to my problem - will be downloading and giving it a go as soon as I have finished this.

Super to "Lionheart?" for the absolutely lightning fast link to the appropriate part of Microsoft's gigantic site - will go through the procedure indicated when I've had a trawl through the endless "Conditions" sections!

Greatful thanks to all concerned

from "Halfpenny"

  Lionheart ? 20:08 31 May 2004

I'm sure I can speak for both of us, "It was a pleasure"

  pharte 20:43 31 May 2004

Sorry for any offence but couldn't you have asked that question in half a sentence halfpenny ?

  end 20:45 31 May 2004

lovely....really lovely ..."beautiful"......

  end 23:48 31 May 2004

dont spoil it folks...its lovely......it could HAVE been "shorter" ...but " so what"????....

Hi Folks
Although this subject has been beautifully resolved, I have just this evening read the extra replies which followed Lionheart?'s much appreciated closing comment and feel that I must respond in kind.

To "pharte" (obviously a member of the Bauhaus school of design and implementation) - NO offence taken, but YOU really must stop sometimes in life to "smell the roses" and enjoy the surroundings.
Brevity is O.K in many instances but it's a great pity if the computing fraternity cannot express problems/solutions in any other terms than the strictly "bare bones" approach.

I am sure that humour and civility have a place in the PCAdvisor Forums and I am convinced that a few extra words will not unduly tax the bandwidth requirements of the site, although they obviously greatly tax the patience of the "pharte" clan.
Incidentally, up here in Yorkshire, I am sure that we would spell your "nom de plume" using different and more appropriate letters.

To "end" - your two ripostes' to pharte have greatly encouraged me and restored my faith in human nature, many thanks for those supportive words - I will be able to retire to bed tonight (with my faithful cup of cocoa) and sleep the sleep of the just.


  Lionheart ? 20:05 01 Jun 2004

"nom de plume" I like it :)

  end 22:54 01 Jun 2004

I call it a HUGE mug (!!!) of ( ???is this advertising???) horlics 4 generous desertspoons in hot milk....beautiful!!!..

i have had MORE thn my "fair share" OF rottenness at various times in the past; I am delighted when I DO find courtesy, consideration, empathy, and the " goode olde "gentlemanly" standards " to still be alive "out there" given the way society in general is " going"( and believe you me I meet enough OF it in my line of work!!!), ;

and , of humour; err, have you nosed at my threads ON this????? I LOVE the humour that constantly "surfaces..."

in today"s society of "grab as can can and sod the others", we need to keep the basic standards alive...put the needs of others before your own ......

and I really LOVE the "beauty " in your original entry.....dont care if no one else does ,,,I DO!!!!!!!!and nowt can change that!!!!!

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