Too old?

  Garce 20:09 07 Mar 2008

I have a Linksys Wireless Gateway (WAG54GS) which is just over 3 years old. In a call to AOL Member Services where I was asking for a MAC code, because I want to change ISP, I was asked why and replied that AOL has become too unstable. At which point my router/gateway was blamed. Is it too old and should I replace it, and if so with what? And can AOL detect if my router/gateway is not working effectively? Responses always appreciated.

  MAJ 21:00 07 Mar 2008

I use the same model and it's zipping along nicely, Garce. I'm with Talktalk.

  Garce 21:04 07 Mar 2008

Thanks for your response MAJ, that gives me some reassurance.

  Tech Guy 21:58 07 Mar 2008

Hi there I work for an ISP (TalkTalk) and I can tell you that they can't tell if it your router to blame, their tech support are just passing the buck!!

  Garce 10:58 08 Mar 2008

Thanks Tech Guy, I thought that was the case. That particular approach came after their offer to reduce my monthly subscription by £8!

  Strawballs 22:23 12 Mar 2008

I have a 3yr old Linksys cable router and am more than happy with it.

  Forum Member2 13:18 13 Mar 2008

I thought that Aol customer support and talktalk customer support where the same, when i was on the phone to aol customer support i heard someone in the back saying " talk talk"

  Tech Guy 00:14 14 Mar 2008

We are owned by the same company, Car Phone Warehouse, but we are not merged.

Car Phone Warehouse also own Onetel and Opal telecom (this is the network that provides the free BB).

We operate as two seperate companies, I work purely for TalkTalk and have nothing to do with AOL.

But I do say this to customers at least twice a day, as will Aol Tech, which is why you prob heard TalkTalk mentioned.

  Forum Member2 16:48 14 Mar 2008

so howcome i have a talk talk ip but i am with aol?

  Tech Guy 18:04 14 Mar 2008

Talktalk doesn't give out static ip addresses

  Forum Member2 19:51 14 Mar 2008

my ip starts with a 92. number

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