too much virus protection?

  pureepaul 20:53 26 Sep 2007

i've been using norton with no problems for a while now, but decided to try spy doctor aswell, is it a bad idea to have both running or would norton on its own be enough? please advise.

  Joe R 21:48 26 Sep 2007


as long as you are only running one anti-virus program, you can run as many anti-spyware/malware programs as you like.

  pureepaul 04:55 27 Sep 2007

thanks joe r, so even though the spyware doc also has anti-virus, because its mainly a spyware jobby it shouldn't cause conflicts,or is that classed as anti virus program??

  Probabilitydrive 07:14 27 Sep 2007

You should only run one anti-virus product. More than one will cause system instabilities and lock-ups.

Use Nortons anti-virus programme and PC Tools Spyware Doctor version without the Anti-Virus programme.

  birdface 09:18 27 Sep 2007

Spyware Doctor does not have an anti-virus.Its a spyware program.Not unless they have changed it recently.Now to have both running at the same time may slow your computer down a lot.Especially if you have programed both to run at start up.

  Probabilitydrive 10:03 27 Sep 2007

They did change it recently and now you can purchase Spyware Doctor with Anti-Virus. I use only the stand alone product and Kaspersky for I-net security needs

  wee eddie 11:31 27 Sep 2007

is suspected of putting false positives on your PC to persuade you to buy it's product.

It certainly did to me when I tried it's Trial Download.

  davidprc 12:56 27 Sep 2007

To be honest I cannot remember the last time my antispyware scanners picked up anything other than tracking cookies.

I would consider looking at waht sort of sites you visit, and making an informed dcision about what protection you need.

However I would always start with a router for its FW capabilities.

  birdface 19:16 27 Sep 2007

Thanks for the up-date of Spyware Doctor also having Anti-Virus on it.I new that they had a free version of anti-virus so they must have amalgamated it now with their Spyware.

  pureepaul 19:45 29 Sep 2007

thanks for all the advice, have turned off the anti-virus part of the dr. and feel much better about use. thanks.

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