too much ram?

  badhooverdog 12:24 13 Oct 2006

my system is pc 3200 + Asus A8ne with 6800gs graphic card.hard drive 200gb.originally it had 512mb but i fancied an upgrade so bought a Crucial 1Gb ram module(184 pin DIMM 128Mx64 DDR PC3200 unbuffed).
it worked fine so thought would get another.they wont work. they do seperatley but not together. the pc looks like its going to fire up - bios like message for the graphics card starting up, then a beep but then it just repeats that in a loop. i have tried the various combinations that my 2 memory slots will allow.

any ideas?simple if poss, am not that tech inclined.thanks alot.

  Totally-braindead 12:33 13 Oct 2006

click here are you sure you got the same memory as Crucial says it will take it. I've also looked at the ASUS site and it says it will take it too click here

  badhooverdog 12:50 13 Oct 2006

they are the same Crucial modules though i bought 1 from Crucial & the other from Ebuyer.the both work in slot 1. if i put 1 in slot 2 on its own they dont.maybe prob with that?

  Totally-braindead 12:57 13 Oct 2006

Have a look here click here I'll have a look myself later, if there is a known problem then it should be mentioned somewhere here.

  badhooverdog 13:07 13 Oct 2006

will do. thanks TB.will let u kno later.

  Totally-braindead 13:09 13 Oct 2006

Found this on the Forum there click here mentions the power supply, could it be a power issue? What power supply do you have?

I have to go out now, you can look through the forum and see if theres anything there. I did find a mention of dual channel memory. Now I bought memory from Crucial for my motherboard, a matched pair of memory for dual channel use and am wondering if that is what is causing the problem. Perhaps an email to Crucial might confirm as if the memory modules are even slightly different and you are using dual channel on you board that may cause the problem.

Drop Crucial an Email I find them very helpful or see if someone else can help. I'll check in again when I get back and see how you got on. You could also join the ASUS Forum and post a question if your problem isn't mentioned.
Good luck.

  thms 13:17 13 Oct 2006

I have the same board. It states in the manual that if you are using two DDR Dimm modules you must install in Dimm A1 and Dimm B1 only.

Also if you want to use Dual Channel you will need to buy matched pairs for better performance.

  recap 13:36 13 Oct 2006

click here This may help you badhooverdog?

  keef66 14:17 13 Oct 2006

click here

somebody else with a similar problem. Sadly no solution, but it looks to me as if one of his memory slots is to blame.

Have you tried the original memory in slot A then slot B? And then done the same with each of the new ones?
And then each combination of old / new in each configuration?

  keef66 14:18 13 Oct 2006

Are you absolutely sure the 2 new modules are identical, especially the cas latency timing??
Asus stress this in the manual.

  badhooverdog 14:45 13 Oct 2006

have tried the 2 old 256mb modules & they work ok the slots are ok.
the 2 1Gb modules seem identical - same part no. etc. only difference i can see is with the stickers on the chips, one saying made in korea, the other china.
not sure what what the power rating of my pc is - need to call mesh as lost the manual.
only other thing is, the Crucial memory checker reckoned my board should have 4 slots but it only has 2.
have emailed crucial.will try asus as well.may have to send the other module back if cant find a solution.
thanks all.will let u kno how it goes.

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