Too Much Ram

  wingfield 16:25 04 Dec 2004

I've just re-formatted my HD and I got some extra ram to beef things up from 265 to 1024 Mb (2 sticks of 510) I bought it from a friend who works in the computer industry and gave him all the details from the motherboard handbook. (It said it supported 1.5Gb of SDRAM) I duly fitted it and then things started to go funny. It said there was a fault on the keyboard or no keyboard was available and then it couldn't find the floppy drive and started continually beeping. The only option I had was to switch off and refit the old stick.(it worked OK) I then put only 1 stick of 510 in and everything worked OK. I have put the other new stick in on its own just to make sure that wasn't duff and again everything works OK.
What's wrong?

  Diemmess 17:22 04 Dec 2004

I spent too much of yesterday fiddling (for family reasons) about with trying to place a new 512Mb SDRAM in an old mobo running 2K. There were two slots and a choice between 2 older 125MB chips.

Eventually got it right by trial and error, and some of the errors were frightening! .......... In the case of this mobo I had to seat the correct size in the correct slot. It didn't help matters to find out that one of the old sticks was PC100 while the others were correctly PC133.

AS crx1600 has said - earlier versions of Windows find too many MBs too rich. 98SE would not boot for me a while ago when I tried going over 512Mb.

  wingfield 18:36 04 Dec 2004

I'm running XP Pro with a ATX K7T Turbo 2 Mobo and the RAM is 100MHz

  gudgulf 18:42 04 Dec 2004

Are both the ram sticks the same make/specification?

It may be that whilst both are compatible with your motherboard they are incompatable with each other and so cause problems when running together.

  wingfield 19:18 04 Dec 2004

I prewsume they are the same - they came from the same place - not much info on the outside - just asticker with a few numbers on

  Diemmess 19:31 04 Dec 2004

A review site via Google checks out with what you think you have being suitable.

A significant difference might be from trying to mix PC100 and PC133 chips.......Try either one of the new chips alone and see if it runs better now.

I didn't notice if you have tried all three at the same time... because if you have done that, you may be in the incompatible mess I talked about three posts back.

  wingfield 20:18 04 Dec 2004

Have you got a name for the review site? I only tried the 2 new 510's - I didn't bother with the old one as I thought it might play up.

  Buchan 35 20:49 04 Dec 2004

Normally if I update RAM I take everything out first, then place the first new stick in and boot up to see if it`s recognised (I`v got Win XP Pro) and having seen that it`s OK switch off insert the second stick and boot up again. Up to today all my efforts have been rewarded with recognition. I notice from the the end of your thread that everything works OK. You must have done something right. We`ve all been there.

  woodchip 21:05 04 Dec 2004

How many Ram Slots is on the motherboard as if there are three, you may have to use the correct slots to get it all recognised. Like Slot One and Three or Two and Three etc

  gudgulf 21:17 04 Dec 2004

I wonder if there is a problem with one of the memory sockets....try running with one stick of memory, in each of the three slots in turn to make sure that it will boot from all of them.

  sicknote 22:35 04 Dec 2004

When using AMD 133FSB CPU, PC-100 memory cannot be used on K7T Turbo, why?

KT133A and KM133A can support both FSB 100 and 133 CPU. When you use FSB 100, you can use PC100 and PC133 memory. But if you use FSB 133, you can only use PC133 memory. This is the limitation between Via chipset and AMD CPU

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