ZEROTOLERANCE 22:29 28 Apr 2004

i have just upgraded my RAM from 256mb to 512mb
i know have this spare stick off RAM, is it not possible to stick the 256mb stick in the other memory slot making it 768mb?? or am i being stupid, or nieve at least?

  Tree3 22:34 28 Apr 2004

you should be able to slot the other stick of memory in the other slot allowing 768mb

  farmboy 22:38 28 Apr 2004

Im no expert, but if you have a spare slot, try it, All slots are there to be used at the end of the day. I have a laptop with 2 slots, which means i can only put in 2 512k memory modules (1024k). If you have 3 or 4 slots, you should be able to fill them all. I am unsure tho whether there is a limit t how much ram you can put in, eg if you have 4 slots, can you put 4 512k modules in, creating 2,048k RAM, Im sure someone will answer that.

  ZEROTOLERANCE 22:40 28 Apr 2004

triffic cheers

  Bazz2000 22:42 28 Apr 2004

RAM is sometimes fussy. Sometimes it will get fussy if they from different manufacturers. Shouldnt but does. I would just stick it in and try it.

  hssutton 22:57 28 Apr 2004

I you are running win 98 you may have trouble

  ZEROTOLERANCE 22:59 28 Apr 2004


  ZEROTOLERANCE 00:45 29 Apr 2004

fitted the 256mb RAM every thing started ok etc, but ive just been to pc pitstop and been through the tests but at the end it still only shows 512mb? and Belarc advsr shows slot A0 as empty??

any ideas or oppinions?

  ianeon 05:00 29 Apr 2004

Try reversing the position of the sticks - I believe that the highest value stick has to come into use first.

  ZEROTOLERANCE 15:58 29 Apr 2004

ok thanx ill give it a go


  farmboy 18:53 29 Apr 2004

Dont forget to use a wristband

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