Too much power, man

  yoghurt 19:47 09 Jan 2005

In north London, 150 homes have been hit by a 415-volt powwr surge, resulting in house fires and TVs exploding.

In Argos catalogue, they have a myriad of power surge protectors, ranging from 13,500 to 103,500 amps.

So, do you use them, and what's suitable for PCs, TVs, videos, etc.

  Totally-braindead 19:49 09 Jan 2005

Yes I do use a surge protector and as far as I know they're all suitable for TVs etc.

  JIM 20:16 09 Jan 2005

insured i hope.

Surge protector, for more items pc related than i new about,so your post had me looking.

click here (at what cost i do not know)

  Gongoozler 20:30 09 Jan 2005

I use a transient protector on my computer. It is in a 5-way extension block and includes a protector for the telephone line to the modem. Simple surge protectors such as this incorporate a device that short circuits to any voltage above a certain level, and another device to limit the current into this short circuit. This sort of device would offer little protection against a direct lightning strike to a mains or telephone cable. However most surges are much lower energy than this and a surge protector gives a good degree of peace of mind at little cost.

  Graham ® 20:48 09 Jan 2005

Can you tell us the source of this news? 415 volts is 3 phase, I can't see a way of this being sent down domestic mains, which is single phase.

  bremner 20:51 09 Jan 2005

click here you sceptic you :o)

  yoghurt 21:05 09 Jan 2005

The item is on ITV London Teletext, page 335 at present.

  Graham ® 22:05 09 Jan 2005

Thanks, that will certainly generate an enquiry! I note that compensation will be paid :-)

Sorry, yoghurt, for casting aspersions.

  octal 22:18 09 Jan 2005

Yes, it is possible it can happen if the neutral conductor becomes open circuit, you you end up with the three coils of the transformer in series resulting in 415 volts

click here

  yoghurt 22:29 09 Jan 2005

Okay, Gra.

I don't believe what I read sometimes ... or even what I write.


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