Too Many Wireless Connections

I have been told my ISP that I have too many connections running in the background that is slowing down my wireless capability. They found this by opening a command prompt box and running 'netstat' They say you should have no more than 10 and mine was in the 30's. I had no programs running at the time i.e IE, email, downloads etc. What are these? Who/what are using my wireless connection? How can I reduce these? Any ideas much appreciated.

  rdave13 07:14 24 Apr 2012

Mine shows 34 active connections but most are on 'time wait'. Wireless connections OK. They show the local ports if configured properly and if receiving data. Not sure what your ISP means but is your wireless connection protected by a strong security key?

'Not sure what your ISP means but is your wireless connection protected by a strong security key?'

I dont know, my ISP is Sky and it is the new fibre optic Broadband.

  KRONOS the First 08:05 24 Apr 2012

I am also puzzled by what your ISP means. Are you talking about wireless connections as in devices? Printer,iPad,games consul and the like or software connections?

I have just run net stat and I have 42 connections so a little clarification is needed as to what your ISP is meaning.

  rdave13 08:12 24 Apr 2012

With Sky I believe they have a dedicated modem/router? It's all set up automatically so you should be secure. With netstat you have various commands, see here, so I'm still puzzled what is slowing your speed.

  KRONOS the First 08:18 24 Apr 2012

Useful link Rdave13

  onthelimit1 08:43 24 Apr 2012

Mine shows dozens, but only 14 'established'.

  onthelimit1 08:44 24 Apr 2012

P.S. - and that's on a PC that has no wireless connections!

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