Too many USB devices?

  AL47 03:26 03 Jun 2006

I have recently purchased a usb hard drive which draws power from the usb port itself. I also have an ipod and card reader, when these devices are plugged in together windows says that there is a malfuntion with the last device to be plugged in.

Is the reason for this power or somthing else?

Will a separate usb card solve it?

Please help

  CLONNEN 06:14 03 Jun 2006

Personally I don't recomend using more than 1-2 USB devices at a time. It's okay to have them physically plugged in at the same time - but if they are all powered on you are going to get problems because the power supply inside the computer can usually only handle a maximum of 2 power-sucking USB devices.

In the case of the USB hard drive it is best to use that on its own as that one probably uses the most power.

The Ipod pretty much acts like a hard drive so again use it on its own - don't try to use at the same time as the USB hard drive otherwise errors will occur - if you need to copy files from the Ipod to the USB hard drive copy them onto your Computer's hard drive (usually C drive) and THEN switch off the Ipod, turn on the USB hard drive and copy from the C drive onto the USB hard drive.

Card readers usually function okay even when another USB device is switched on - they seem to use the least power. But again copy files to the C drive FIRST and then to USB devices. Moving files between external devices can be problematic unless you do this.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 06:51 03 Jun 2006

I have 3 external hard drives, a printer, a scanner, usb mike, BB modem, 7-in-one adapter, 3-in-one adapter,external CDRW, external DVDRW, MP3 player,watch with memory,webcam,PDA link,bluetooth adapter for mobile phone, internet phone, extra printer, all plugged into my uSB sockets and most being used at the same time. I don't think that your problem lies with getting enough power.


  namtas 06:51 03 Jun 2006

This article provides more information

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  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:38 03 Jun 2006

500mA limit from each hub
Hub typically controls two ports
if you have two power hungry devices then power limit may be reached.

A powered hub plugged into one of the two ports and one of the power hungry devices plugged into the hub often gets round this problem.

GANDALF <|:-)> appears to have eighteen devices plugged in don't know of any PCs that come with that many ports so I expect he is using either PCI cards to add more powered ports or powered hubs.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:19 03 Jun 2006

1 x 4 way adaptor, 1 x 7 way adaptor, 3 USB ports at front of computer and six at the back.


  spuds 10:29 03 Jun 2006

I generally find that some scanners and printers drain the usb power supply, and this is why I use self powered hubs on some devices. Every little bit helps. The other point to check is the age and type of motherboard, some older types mobo's tend to struggle with to many extra attachments.

  Stuartli 10:39 03 Jun 2006

I have six USB2 ports (including four on a PCI USB2 card) and run a powered USB1.1 hub from one of these.

Up to eight ports can be Enabled in the Bios (on my MSI KT6V motherboard), so it may be worth checking if this is set correctly.

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