too many tcp ports open, how do i close them?

  athenrye 14:42 07 Aug 2008

im having broadband speed issues with virgin, im on up to 20mb and only getting half that, they say i should check my tcp ports and more than 12 is considered a lot, and if i ahve a lot its an indication of spyware and i ahould tun a virus checker

my computer runs wel and i think im covered with avg, spybot and adaware at the minute

i have checke my tcp ports and the result is below, i have 26 ports in various states, is this good bad or dosnt make a difference?

if its bad how can i close them and what do i need to do, is it a indication of spyware infecting my computer?



Microsoft Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600]
(C) Copyright 1985-2001 Microsoft Corp.

C:\Documents and Settings\william>netstat -a

Active Connections

Proto Local Address Foreign Address State
TCP dadsxp:epmap dadsxp:0 LISTENING
TCP dadsxp:microsoft-ds dadsxp:0 LISTENING
TCP dadsxp:1947 dadsxp:0 LISTENING
TCP dadsxp:1028 localhost:1029 ESTABLISHED
TCP dadsxp:1029 localhost:1028 ESTABLISHED
TCP dadsxp:1030 localhost:1031 ESTABLISHED
TCP dadsxp:1031 localhost:1030 ESTABLISHED
TCP dadsxp:1032 dadsxp:0 LISTENING
TCP dadsxp:5354 dadsxp:0 LISTENING
TCP dadsxp:10110 dadsxp:0 LISTENING
TCP dadsxp:10110 localhost:1221 TIME_WAIT
TCP dadsxp:10110 localhost:1223 TIME_WAIT
TCP dadsxp:10110 localhost:1225 TIME_WAIT
TCP dadsxp:10110 localhost:1227 TIME_WAIT
TCP dadsxp:10110 localhost:1229 TIME_WAIT
TCP dadsxp:netbios-ssn dadsxp:0 LISTENING
TCP dadsxp:1214 LAST_ACK
TCP dadsxp:1215 LAST_ACK
TCP dadsxp:1220 CLOSE_WAIT
TCP dadsxp:1222 CLOSING
TCP dadsxp:1224 click here CLOSING
TCP dadsxp:1226 CLOSING
TCP dadsxp:1228 CLOSING
TCP dadsxp:1230 CLOSING
UDP dadsxp:microsoft-ds *:*
UDP dadsxp:isakmp *:*
UDP dadsxp:1025 *:*
UDP dadsxp:1948 *:*
UDP dadsxp:4500 *:*
UDP dadsxp:ntp *:*
UDP dadsxp:1053 *:*
UDP dadsxp:1056 *:*
UDP dadsxp:1165 *:*
UDP dadsxp:1900 *:*
UDP dadsxp:ntp *:*
UDP dadsxp:netbios-ns *:*
UDP dadsxp:netbios-dgm *:*
UDP dadsxp:1900 *:*
UDP dadsxp:5353 *:*

C:\Documents and Settings\william>

  athenrye 15:06 07 Aug 2008

hi beta
ive got a webstar, by scientific atlanta epc21cor2 series cable modem

ive also got a net gear router rp614v3


  athenrye 10:38 08 Aug 2008

hi beta
anything on this question from yesterday

  athenrye 18:06 09 Aug 2008

any weekenders on that could answer this?

  brundle 18:17 09 Aug 2008

Nothing unusual there, web browser and email client open I see. If you're using a router it will be monitoring all the open connections anyway. Rather a meaningless test for your ISP to ask you to do - "more than 12" is not unusual at all. The usual antispyware and anti virus scans are worth doing in any case but you'd learn more from monitoring your actual bandwidth use. click here

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