Too many shortcuts?

  johnincrete 06:49 01 Sep 2009

Does the number of shortcuts on the desktop affect the speed of programs being started?
An "expert" has suggested that the reason for slow internet access was too many shortcuts - is that likely?

  mooly 08:04 01 Sep 2009

Not in my experience. I have around 30
Do you mean IE is slow to open, or slow once you are on the web browsing?
I would say nothing to do with shorcuts.

  Technotiger 08:05 01 Sep 2009

No, not in my experience anyway.

Better CPU, more RAM, best hard drive - these are more likely to affect Speeds overall ... but for faster Internet access, mostly depends on ISP, nearest Exchange, Cable as opposed to telephone line, etc.

  Andsome 08:07 01 Sep 2009

I am no expert, but have loads of shortcuts on my desk top. I would have thought that a modern computer would be well able to cope. If the computer boots up in under a couple of minutes or so, what is the problem? Do you have an urgent appointment to keep?? As long as you find a use for the shortcuts why worry?

  accordion 08:21 01 Sep 2009

Your 'expert' is wrong - completely. Shortcuts do nothing until you click on them to open the program or file they point to.

Clarify what you mean by "slow internet access". Is that launching your browser, making a connection or slow loading of pages?

Are you on dial-up or broadband?

  birdface 08:46 01 Sep 2009

What about the shortcuts in Quick start.I was led to believe that they started when your computer starts and that is why you only need to click them once.not sure where i read that.probably another weird dream.

  accordion 08:50 01 Sep 2009

No, nothing starts from a shortcut until you click on it, not even the ones in the Quick Launch Tray.


  birdface 10:06 01 Sep 2009

Ok.Thanks for the reality check.I will be able to add a few more on to my quick start now.
Not sure where I dug up that useless bit of information from.

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