Too many parameters...?

  geoff47 21:42 18 May 2003

On boot up on win98se there is displayed for a short while a double message.....
"Too Many Parameters"
I searched on google and found that the solution is "the path in autoexec.bat is too long"
Now what should I do to alter that? Or does it need tampering?
It doesn't seem to be a problem,could it turn into a problem?
Thanks Geoff47

  Valvegrid 21:52 18 May 2003

Have you had a look in autoexec.bat to see whats in there? If you post what you have in there perhaps we can help.

  geoff47 21:57 18 May 2003

Sorry how do I look in there?

  Valvegrid 22:06 18 May 2003

You can do it in windows,

Right mouse click on start, then click on Explore, when the windows opens, click on C: in the right panel you will see autoexec.bat in the file list, highlight it then while holding the shift key right mouse click on the file, in the menu list select open with... then in the window select wordpad. Just copy and past, this is what is in my autoexec.bat


Not much at all!


  woodchip 22:22 18 May 2003

The error should say what line the error is on. post back the error in full.

  geoff47 22:29 18 May 2003

I am sorry I didn't follow that .
I went to windows explorer,clicked on c: found several autoexec icons...icons?
One was .bat another .av another was msdos and the other was autoexec with a cog icon sort of thing.
But there is no autoexec.bat there....sorry explain again for me.
sorry geoff47

  DieSse 22:35 18 May 2003

It's the one with the cog thingie - you can't see the .bat extension, because you've got the option to not display extensions for known file types set - in explorer, tools - options - view.

  geoff47 22:36 18 May 2003

Hi Woodchip ...there is no error is just part of the display during boot up.
It is a line that says "too many parameters" it is written twice and then the boot continues ok.
Dont know the relevance of it,that is why I am asking.
I am not able to burn CD's and autorun doesn't work...but I dont know if it is related to this.Thats why I am asking...

  Valvegrid 22:37 18 May 2003

That's right, there are three or four files starting with the name autoexec, it's the one you mentioned there called autoexec.bat that you need to look at, don't forget to do as woodchip says and tell us what line the computer tells you there is a problem.
I'm off to bed now, but I will keep an eye on this thread in case you still have a problem.


  Valvegrid 22:39 18 May 2003

Thanks DieSse

  woodchip 22:49 18 May 2003

Double click the Autoexec.bat file and open in Notepad Select what it says and copy and paste to word Processor close Notepad, in Word Processor put two space lines between each line of the Autoexec.bat that you pasted in when you have done that copy and past it hear for us to have a look at

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